'Cacao fruit chocolate' using cacao pulp instead of sugar comes from kit cut

It has become clear that Nestlé is planning to use the new chocolate ' cacao fruit chocolate ' for the ' kitkat ' to be released from the fall of 2019. By using cacao pulp, which is not used in chocolate until now, instead of sugar, it seems to be a more sophisticated chocolate.

New chocolates that use cocoa beans and flesh and taste the whole sweetness and sour taste of them appear “Kit-Cut Chocolate Tree Cocoa Fruit Chocolate” and “Kit-Cart Chocolate Tree” at store and mail-order site in autumn 2019 released New attempt to add white pulp 'cocoa pulp' instead of sugar
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Nestle Finds New Way to Make Chocolate Without Adding Sugar-Bloomberg


“Cacao fruit chocolate” using “cacao pulp” will be introduced to KitKat and will be released in the autumn of 2019 at the specialty store “Kitkat Choco Rally”.

'Cacao pulp' is the white flesh of cacao, which has been used, in part, as a sugar to ferment cacao beans and as a raw material for drinks and smoothies, but not as chocolate did. Nestlé claims that it is applying for a patent for viscosity control and control of chocolate in the process of drying and grinding cocoa pulp and adding it to chocolate instead of sugar.

It feels like a substitute if it is used instead of sugar, but in fact sugar is cheaper, and using cocoa pulp is likely to produce more sophisticated chocolate.

According to Bloomberg, the challenge of making chocolate without sugar is tailored to the consumer's health preferences. In the same process, milk chocolate and white chocolate can also be made, and after deployment in Japan, Nestle plans to expand chocolate using cacao pulp in other countries.

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