Crispy cream donuts have been eaten with three new donuts & three berry sour drinks refreshing with the image of 'American West Coast Summer'

American-born donut chain ' Crispy cream donut ', new donuts ' Mint Chocolate Cake ' ' American Berry Pie ' ' Caramel Salty Nuts ' and new drinks ' Jelly ' from summer on July 17, 2019 in Soda peach berry lemonade and Jerry in soda passion fruit lemonade are offered for a limited time. The new menu is based on the image of the American West Coast, and you can enjoy the refreshing taste appropriate for summer. I was really worried about what kind of donut it was, so I actually ate it.

This summer, I feel vacation with donuts that image the American West Coast! 'Mint Chocolate' 'Berry Pie' 'Salty Nuts' Smiles with suntan sunglasses and 'Mini Donuts' with floating rings also appear | Crispy Cream Donuts

'Unicorn magic' nata de coco in yoghurt | crispy cream donut

I came to a crispy cream donut.

At the storefront signboard, the summer limited menu that began on July 17, 2019 was appealing.

There are donuts in the showcase.

We ordered drinks from Jerry in soda peach berry lemonade (tax-included 410 yen) and jelly in soda passion fruit lemonade (410 yen including tax), 'Unicorn Magic', which was provided from July 3, 2019 (Wednesday) Three types of nata de coco in yoghurt (tax-included 583 yen). There are three types of donuts from the left: mint chocolate cake (248 yen including tax), American berry pie (248 yen including tax), and caramel salty nuts (248 yen including tax).

Mint chocolate cake is chocolate old fashion wrapped in mint chocolate. From above, stripes are drawn with bitter chocolate, and chocolate chips are further scattered.

When you eat it, the taste of moist old fashion bittersweet chocolate and the smell of refreshing sweet mint chocolate spread in your mouth. The flavor of chocolate was at the heart of the story, and there was no such thing as 'the mint was so strong that it blew off the sweetness and aroma of chocolate.'

An American berry pie topped with an almond crunch on a white chocolate and topped with a filling with a mixture of raspberry juice and cranberry fruit in the center.

Donut dough is fluffy because it is conscious of 'Classic pie that is transmitted to American homes'. The white chocolate on the side is pretty sweet, but thanks to the sweetness and sourness of the filling, the impression that it will be pulled quickly without sticking. Also, the crisp texture of the almond crunch was a good accent.

Caramel Salty Nuts are whole ring donut coated with caramel chocolate and topped with canned walnuts and sliced almonds from above. It also has almond sauce.

The name 'Salty' was supposed to be sweet and salty, but the almond sauce is sweeter than salty, and it feels like 'If it is said, it may be salty ...?' The crisp texture of the walnuts and almonds and the savory caramel flavor match, so it's tempting to eat one more bit without thinking of eating one bit, and you're finished quickly.

Jerry in soda peach berry lemonade is a vivid light blue. When you drink it, the shattering feeling of carbonation spreads while the crushed jelly is mixed. There is a berry-based sour taste, not as sweet as I thought, and it refreshed my mouth accustomed to sweetness.

The texture of orange Jerry in soda passion fruit lemonade like sunset is the same as Jelly in soda peach berry lemonade. The taste of passion fruit is felt, and it has a slightly stronger acidity, but it is not too acid.

“Unicorn magic” nata de coco in Yogurt is a butterfly petit tea blue with yoghurt drink white, litchi & wild berry pink.

Mix well and it turns pale purple. When you drink it, the sour taste of yoghurt matches the sweet and sour taste of lychee and wild berries, and it has a clean taste.

In addition, there was nata de coco inside. It was accented by the nutty texture of Natadecoco and it was a refreshing and enjoyable drink.

'Mint Chocolate Cake' 'American Berry Pie' 'Caramel Salty Nuts' and 'Jelly in Soda Peach Berry Lemonade' 'Jelly in Soda Passion Fruit Lemonade' is a 'unicorn magic' from July 17, 2019 Natado Coco in Yogurt Crispy cream donuts are available for a limited time from July 3, 2019. Some stores do not offer drinks, so please check the official site if you are interested.

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