Headline News for July 17, 2019

The first Masked Rider, ' Masked Rider Zero One ', will be broadcast from September 2019. Since the new rider is on AI (Artificial Intelligence) theme, the National Institute of Informatics will be planning cooperation and supervision .

[New program PR] Kamen Rider Zero One September 01 (Sun) broadcast start! -YouTube

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Government officials find plutonium left in car overnight and stolen-GIGAZINE

A 3D printer housing where people actually live will be built in the Netherlands-GIGAZINE

UK unveils full-scale model of next-generation stealth fighter 'Tempest'-GIGAZINE

What is the '93 penis' drawn on medieval embroidery pictures? -GIGAZINE

【訃】 Death of director George A. Romero who is known as a leading zombie movie director-GIGAZINE

I tried using the lift desk 'SKARSTA' which becomes a standing desk less than 20,000 yen with IKEA-GIGAZINE

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Prefecture police school instructors first class students stabbing during practice training, Okayama Sumihito fined orders: Sanyo newspaper digital |

The police department assistant is still enrolled in the prefectural police, and the first department student has retired.

Police school instructor in Okayama stuns with a knife during training 'To get a sense of tension'-The Mainichi Shimbun

The former constable's chest was stabbed twice, one of which reached a part of the lungs.

The police eliminate the citizens of Yaji During the speech of Prime Minister Abe-2019 House of Councilors Election (Cornerial election): Asahi Shimbun Digital

Deputy Secretary General of the Cabinet, do not touch the response of the police officer Prime Minister Yazi citizens excluded: Asahi Shimbun digital

Painful news (No∀`): Former Toshihiko Hajime 'I'm against the bribery movement. It's not time to put up anti-Japanese sentiment!' 発 見 Discovered today in the body-Livedoor Blog

Police School Instructor Mistakes a Real Knife by Training a Rookie Mistake Okayama | NHK News

ASKUL offers Yahoo! to cancel a capital alliance: The Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Askul's president Shoichiro Iwata (1.6%) Four-sided praise, major shareholder Yahoo (41.6%) and a plus (10.7%) from being treated as incompetent from the request: Market conditions two-story

Yahoo! and ASKUL under ASKUL Management Opportunity confrontation | NHK News

The driver of the right-turn car, the contents of the indictment admit the first trial of Otsu children accident: Asahi Shimbun digital

Askul's major shareholder agrees with Yahoo, but disagrees with Askul's president: Nikkei

Notice Concerning the Exercise of the Company's Voting Right for the Election of Directors (A Proposal 2) at the 56th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of ASKUL Corporation-Press Room-Yahoo!

Quiz correct answer 'Belochu' elementary school teachers, girls tend to rest-Sankei News

Somewhat Daily The Cult Newspaper: 2020 General Forces Special Feature! 'Cult candidates' all put on 228 people!

Prime Minister Abe 'Daddy also invited a lover' = Do you slip in early voting appeal? 【19th House of Councilors】: Jiji dot com

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It takes a lot of time, just buy a bean sprouts, and then put it in the refrigerator. 'To make a hole in the middle of the bag with a toothpick.'

About full abstinence in the 61st Kyoto University November Festival | Kyoto University November Festival

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MySQL Performance Tuning TIPS-Speaker Deck

Falling during delivery at UberEats → UberEats warned that 'the account of the deliverer may become permanent'-Togetter

A large amount of fraudulent orders to Amazon's Prime Day → Talk of people who are out of stock and can not sell-Togetter

About the topic of Tomos maker on Twitter now-Order and Customer Service-Amazon Seller Forums

Got to run an illegal site-orangeitems's diary

Understand Web Push Notifications with PWA Development, where you can experience strong matching apps-Qiita

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Opening scene special release! 'Theatrical version Free!-Road to the World-Dream'-YouTube

Is the order a rabbit? ? ~ Sing For You ~ This PV-YouTube

TV anime 'Fairygone Fairy Gone' 2nd Cool Teaser PV-YouTube

TV anime 'Fairygone Fairy Gone' Omnibus 'Fairy Gone You Can See in One Episode'-YouTube


Rin Kuchiki / Banana Chomoranma (Uncensored Version) (Official Lyric Video)-YouTube

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Tomohiro Machyama Talk about Netflix 'Brazil-Disappearing Democracy-'

DeNA Butabe's wife confession 'Girl school fornication was my pregnancy' |

Kosuke Tanaka calculated the batting average required from now on in order to exceed the batting average (.262) of last year when reaching the stipulation: Nanji Great Stadium @ What J Summary

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The moment you eat it, it feels like American! ? Two new simultaneous appearances! 'McFluley New York Cheesecake' 'McFluley Double Chocolate Fudge' Limited Time Sale from Wednesday, July 24th | McDonald's Japan

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