'Tapioca milk tea water steamed bun' tasting review that tapioca milk tea finally advanced to Japanese sweets

' Tapioca tea ' originated in Taiwan has come to be seen everywhere in the city, but at last this tapioca milk tea has advanced to Japanese sweets. As ' Tapioca Milk Tea Water Manju ' and ' Tapioca Fruit Water Manju ' appeared from 'Kaifukudo' of Japanese confectionery, I bought it and tried it.

Kuchifukudo | 柿

Kuchifukudo is a Japanese-style confectionery shop that contains ions from around the country. It is a store posture like this.

So I bought two “Tapioca Milk Tea Water Manju” and “Tapioca Fruit Water Manju” two by two.

At first we try eating from tapioca milk tea water bun.

The diameter is smaller than the long side of the IC card, and the size is likely to be eaten with one bit if you open the mouth large.

You can see black tapioca grains on the surface.

The cross section looks like this. It looks like a condensed milk inside, but with a white bean paste-based milk bowl.

The plump water bun has elasticity ...

When I ate it, the combination of flexible yet crispy crispy dough and the texture of sticky Tapioca is unique. The combination of the flavor of milk tea and the slightly milk-flavored combination is a tapioca milk tea itself, but the sweetness is strong, so it is likely to be a tea contractor for Japanese tea.

Tapioca Fruit Water steamed bun looks like this. The size is the same as tapioca milk tea water bun, but it looks colorful and gorgeous.

Contains strawberry, mango and rhamnet cut jellies and tapioca.

The cross section looks like this. Tapioca is green, and in the middle is a white bean paste-based milk bowl.

There is no sign of tapioca milk tea at all, and the smell and taste of fruits and rafter are slightly sweetish, with a nostalgic taste. The water steamed bun dough, jelly, and tapioca are all different textures, so the size is small and the texture changes rapidly. It looks cool and gorgeous, so it was good for sweets for hospitality.

Tapioca Milk Tea Water Bun and Tapioca Fruit Both water buns are tax-limited at 172 yen, which is limited to summer.

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