Oracle Vice President Discusses Seven Tips to Become a Leader

by Helena Lopes

In order to serve as a leader, you need more than just meeting and assigning tasks. As not all leaders are necessarily competent ..., Oracle's user & developer experience Vice President Leslie Robertson learned from himself “to become an excellent leader” 'Hint' at the IEEE International Engineers Conference.

Seven Tips on Becoming an Effective Leader-IEEE Spectrum

Mr. Robertson got a degree at Carnegie Mellon University in 1989, found a job, went through several companies, including a startup, and then held management positions at Hewlett-Packard and Nebula . Robertson joined Oracle in 2015, and as of 2019, Robertson promotes the in-house engineering culture and manages the user and developer experience of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure .

Such 'Robertson's seven tips for becoming a talented leader' learned from his experience are as follows.

◆ 1: write about yourself

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Write down what you enjoy doing at work, why you want to be a leader. When you have a hard day and need to be encouraged, it will help to read the note back and remember your goals and why you want leadership. 'This note will help you meet your feelings and make the decision to get through the situation,' Robertson said in a speech.

◆ 2: Be yourself
'Every good leader is himself,' says Robertson. When Robertson began his career, he realized that he liked the job of creating version 1.0 and was interested in startups. So he has been involved in numerous startups as a freelance technical writer for 10 years.

Robertson thinks that being oneself is 'following your passion.' 'Your path is yourselves. There is no same career path as someone else,' says Robertson.

◆ 3: raise your hand

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If you raise your hand on tasks that you do not specialize in, your company will consider that person as a 'person who challenges new challenges' and 'a person who is not afraid to learn.'

When Robertson represented the Oracle user and developer experience, the first challenge was 'employee hiring.' Mr. Robertson volunteered to have a session to teach the company's policies and key skills at once, seeing how new employees have to learn about the organization themselves. In addition, I was involved in the development of a boot camp for new engineers.

These programs have reduced the training time for new employees by several months to several days.

◆ 4: Try it for the time being
It is natural to be afraid or to become nervous about making changes. However, it is not good to keep fear for a long time. Even if you feel heavy and get rid of fear and put it into action, you can meet unique project and job opportunities.

Robertson once left Oracle in his career and was hired again in a management position. The first time she was working at Oracle she decided to retire from her marriage. At that time, as a startup job, Robertson realized that he liked a new type of company.

◆ 5: Try to get feedback
You should not be afraid of feedback, even if it is negative. The feedback is a golden ticket for success, says Robertson. Since it is difficult for employees to criticize their superiors, it is possible to lead the team more effectively by accepting open criticism.

Robertson has booked a meeting room and asked a facilitator to ask employees about questions about Robertson's performance. At this time, the employee is anonymized so that the employee can make a voice without thinking that his position is at risk.

◆ 6: Have an inquiry

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If you find it important to be clear, you should ask questions without hesitation even in large meetings. What you are wondering may be half of the people who attend the conference without asking a voice. Also, people who are offended by questions have more comments, which results in better understanding.

◆ 7: Be open
It is very important that you be open-minded at the employment stage. At the time of the interview, Robertson will open up what characteristics he / she is looking for. This allows the candidate to have a forecast and can determine if he or she is in that position.

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