The dog authentication system focusing on the 'pattern of nose' which is also suitable for stray puppy detection correctly identifies individual dogs with high accuracy of 95%.

Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) startup Megvii, which provides facial recognition software for Chinese government surveillance programs, has been shown to be developing an AI system to authenticate the dog's face. The distinctive feature of this system is that it recognizes individual dogs by recognizing ' patterns of the dog's nose '.

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The pattern of the dog's nose is unique to an individual , like a fingerprint in human beings. The dog recognition system developed by Megvii was developed based on this idea.

Megvii's dog authentication system can be used as a smartphone application, and it takes pictures of the dog's nose from multiple angles, like biometric authentication functions such as fingerprint authentication and face authentication installed on a typical smartphone. Then, register the dog's nose pattern in the database. In addition, although the photograph needs a high-resolution thing, if it uses a smart phone, registration to a database is easily possible.

Megvii's dog authentication system has the advantage of being non-invasive and of very low cost of introduction compared to existing methods such as embedding identification chips into the dog's body. Also, in fact, dog authentication systems have successfully identified dogs with 95% accuracy.

Megvii is not the only company developing a dog authentication system. A smartphone app called Finding Rover can also use the face recognition system to find missing dogs. Finding Rover has built a face recognition system for dogs using a machine learning algorithm developed by the University of Utah , and according to the app developer, a domestic dog that has lost more than 15,000 people using the app so far He has been reunited with

However, Megvii's dog certification system is not always used in China to search for lost domestic dogs. According to the pet industry research report, there are more than 91 million dogs and cats in urban areas of China, and as pet and pet owners are increasing rapidly, civil complaints are also increasing. . Problems can vary, for example, if you don't handle your pet's feces properly or keep your pet free in a public place without leads.

As a result, Chinese local governments are putting strict regulations on them, and violators are subject to severe penalties. It is possible that Megvii's dog authentication system will be used to identify pet owners who break such restrictions.

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