It turns out that 'burnout' is not cured even if I go to vacation

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If you are usually busy working, you will come to dream of vacations such as 'slow time in hot springs' or 'swimming in the waters of the southern country'. However, vacations do not solve “ burnout ” and it is necessary to seek alternative ways to relieve work stress.

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The Secrets To Recognizing And Avoiding Burnout

“Burnout syndrome” refers to “a feeling of energy depletion or exhaustion”, “increased aversion to work, or negative or cynical emotions about work” resulting from chronic work stress, “inefficiency” This is a generic term for states such as The definition of burnout is described in the following articles:

'Burnout' is newly recognized by WHO-GIGAZINE

It is advertised that going out on vacation is 'perfect for stress relief of work'. However, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association targeting more than 1,500 people, about two-thirds of those who went on vacation said, 'I got well on vacation, but returned in a few days.' It seems there is. Similarly, according to a 1997 Israeli study , subjects' self-reported mental health returned to their original levels after three weeks of vacation. 'One week and two weeks of vacations are not good enough for burnouts,' said organizational psychologist Liane Davey, author of the book The Good Fight, on conflict at work.

The reason why vacations are not effective for burnout syndrome is that 'work is waiting for you during vacations'. You will be away from work during your vacation, but your work will continue to accumulate, and by the time you return you will be waiting for a mountain of work. According to a survey of the American Psychological Association, about 49% of workers report that 'the amount of work immediately after vacation is higher than usual.' Also, if you are aware that 'work is waiting', you will not be able to enjoy your vacation itself.

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According to Paula Davis-Laack , a tissue consultant specializing in stress and burnouts, stressing is not a special vacation, but a good rest from work, work and after work. . Davis-Laack recommends taking a 5- to 10-minute break every 90 to 120 minutes while at work.

As a first step in getting out of burnout, Mr. Davey cites consulting with his superiors on which tasks can be tackled with enthusiasm, and which tasks will come before you. Finding a job that gives you vitality is the real way to relieve stress.

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