Research results that China's air pollution causes more than 200 billion yen damage to solar power

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China has been plagued with air pollution problems for many years, and in the past, bottles with only “clean air” have been sold to make them fly , and “the world's largest air purifier ” has been built. An air pollution problem that has long been regarded as a problem, the latest survey report has been released that the expected power generation by solar power is reduced by an average of 13%.

Estimation of losses in solar energy production from air pollution in China since 1960 using surface radiation data | Nature Energy 41560-019-0412-4

Chinese air pollution dimmed sunlight enough to impact solar panels | Ars Technica

Not only fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal are limited in quantity, but they are also known as fuels that adversely affect the environment. As a result, investment in renewable energy such as solar and wind power is growing. According to the latest research report, it is clear that coal-derived air pollution used in China blocks sunlight and significantly reduces the efficiency of solar power generation.

Such China has become the country with the largest number of solar panels installed in the world as of 2017, and the number covers about half of the number of new installations worldwide. As a result, in the eight years from 2010 to 2017, the installed capacity of China's solar power generation facilities has increased from less than 1 GW to 130 GW, and by 2030 that figure is expected to reach 400 GW .

However, according to research published in recent years, 'A record of measurement of solar radiation in China from the late 1950s', it was China where the amount of solar radiation remained flat until around 2005, but has since declined There is a pattern. This is thought to be caused by air pollution from coal-fired power plants and manufacturing plants.

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The research team at the Zurich Institute of Technology, led by Bart Sweerts, who conducted the research presented this time, based on the data that summarized “the solar radiation measurement record in China from the late 1950s” We analyzed how much power generation was lost from China's solar power facilities due to the decline.

The research team analyzed the data from 1960 to 2015, and it was found that the expected power generation of solar power was reduced by about 13% on average due to air pollution in all periods . The capacity factor (vertical axis) of panels for photovoltaic power generation is decreasing year by year, and it is decreasing from 0.162 (16.2%) to about 0.142 (14.2%).

However, the impact of air pollution varies from region to region, and the five provinces most affected show a potential reduction of as much as 20 to 28 percent. It seems that not only the industrial area in eastern China but also the highlands in the western region are having a major impact.

According to research, if China can clean the atmosphere to the level of the 1950s, as of 2016, solar power generation equipment will be able to produce 14 TWh (terawatt hour) of electricity. If China's air pollution is eliminated by 2030, solar power generation will increase to 70 TWh annually. Researchers use the figure of $ 0.14 (about 15 yen) per kWh as of 2019, and if the air as of 2016 is clean, add $ 1.9 billion (approximately Billion yen) pointed out that electricity was able to generate electricity by solar power generation. Furthermore, although the price of 1 kWh will be $ 0.09 (about 10 yen) in 2030, the value of clean air will be further enhanced, and it may generate as much as 6 billion (about 65 billion yen) annual output And

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In addition, power generation has increased by as much as 10% as solar power efficiency has improved between 2005 and 2017. Therefore, Ars Technica, a technology media, notes that if it is improved to the quality of the atmosphere in the 1950s, it may have more effect on China than the number that has been released.

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