Announced that YouTube will 'strengthen' channel memberships and other features that creators can earn

YouTube, the official blog, has announced that creators who publish movies on YouTube will 'strengthen' the service to earn money.

Official YouTube Blog: Live from VidCon: Creating new opportunities for creators live-from-vidcon-creating-new.html

In addition to strengthening existing 'Super Chat', 'Channel Memberships', 'Merchandise', etc., YouTube has newly added ' Learning ', ' YouTube Giving ', etc. Add features The 'Super Chat', 'Channel Membership' and 'Goods Shelf', launched in June 2018, are also described in detail in the following articles.

YouTube announces new features 'Channel Memberships', 'Merchandise' and 'Introducing Premieres' for movie creators-GIGAZINE

◆ Super sticker
In '

Super Chat ', it was possible to display 'special comments' that do not flow according to highlights or time in the comment field of live distribution. In the ' Super Sticker ' added this time, not only characters but also stamps can be sent to the comment section.

If you click on the image below, you can see that the Super Sticker can also send moving stamps like GIF images.

Superchat is now YouTube's top earner, with sales increasing by as much as 65% over the previous year.

◆ Membership Levels

With channel membership , it was possible to become a paid member of a specific channel by paying a monthly fee of $ 4.99 (about 540 yen). In the announced ' Membership Levels ', creators can set up to five 'membership levels' for members. Creators can set their own monthly membership fees, and each member's level has different 'benefits'.

When YouTube collaborated with the popular YouTube channel Fine Brothers Entertainment to test Membership Levels, channel membership revenue has increased sixfold.

Goods shelf
With the shelf function of the goods, creators were able to manufacture and sell their own branded goods such as T-shirts and smartphone cases with logos at Teespring . According to this announcement, Crowdmade , DFTBA , Fanjoy , Represent and Rooster Teeth will be added to the goods manufacturers and distributors that can be used with the goods shelf function.

◆ Learning
YouTube will officially provide a learning movie for the purpose of strengthening online learning courses. YouTube plans to expand its learning courses into a variety of areas, but at the start of the project, it is likely to handle 'reliable partner' movies such as Khan Academy , TED-Ed and Crash Course .

At the time of writing,

JavaScript courses and chemistry courses were introduced on official blogs.

◆ YouTube Giving
Creators will be able to add a 'Donation' button to their viewers to raise money for their channel.

Creators can choose among non-profit organizations about the donation destination. YouTube Giving is expected to be available as a part of creators in the US by 2019.

While these services enhance the creators' income, they also help YouTube's own sales. According to official blogs, YouTube's total revenue has more than doubled compared to before the service implementation. Furthermore, by adding Learning and Donation, we have expressed an attitude that helps creators to change the world better online.

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