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The second movie '

My Hero Academia: The Movie Heroes: Rising ' will be released on Friday, 20 December 2019. Kohei Horikoshi, who is the original author, commented that 'I can say that it is the last round of a certain type of Hiroaka,' because 'one of the material I wanted to do in the final battle of the original is used in this movie'.

◆ 'My Hero Academia The Movie Heroes: Rising' Work Information
Original · General supervision · Character draft: Kohei Horikoshi
Director: Kenji Nagasaki
Screenplay: Yosuke Kuroda
Character design: Yoshiko Makoe
Music: Yuuki Hayashi
Animation production: Bonds
Release date: December 20, 2019 (Fri)
© 2019 “My Hero Academia The Movie” Production Committee © Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha

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I tried to make beef tongue, calbi, and loin beef jerky with 'home-made jerky maker' that opens up new ground of beef jerky-GIGAZINE

Kentucky's TVCM is very popular-a football player who hates 'a painfully pretending football player' at the World Cup-GIGAZINE

An iconic dish 'Garbage plates (garbage plate)' that makes you feel that you are a multi-ethnic nation-GIGAZINE

It was one design group that created the '80s design' unique geometric pattern & vivid color and shocked the world-GIGAZINE

Analysis of Emotional Changes in Storyline of Novels Reveals Constant Equations-GIGAZINE

What is the origin / word origin of the convenient word 'OK' used all over the world? -GIGAZINE

I've seen the genius of 'Minara Diva' feeling the possibility of live animation-GIGAZINE

◆ neta (memo, various other)

◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)
Gene 'Dominance / Recessivity' 'Separate expressions in high school textbooks' Japan Science Council | NHK News

In response to these points, the “Japan Science Council,” made by Japanese scientists, has compiled a report in a committee examining important terms learned in high school biology. '' Shows the idea that 'subtractiveness' is to be replaced with 'subtractiveness' in 'explicitness'.

On the other hand, in junior high school, there is a present condition that teaches as 'dominant' and 'recessiveness', and 'predominant' and 'recessiveness' are left as another name to prevent confusion.

I really want people who are abstract paintings and minds to read: 'Why the brain understands art? An introductory brain science study from contemporary art history'-basic reading

Hypergravity exercise learning ability improvement = effect demonstration of dragon ball-Chubu Univ .: Jiji dot com

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
Large-scale demonstrations in Hong Kong again, march towards high-speed train station leading to mainland 24 photos International News: AFPBB News

Seven, a short notice to the shopkeeper who sent a brief statement Headquarters 'serious breach' | Joint communication

Distrust to the Seven Headquarters Warning visit warning store owner of the time notice | Society / topic |

A large-scale demonstration on the side of Hong Kong Kowloon Peninsula clashes with some young people and police officer |

The University of Tokyo student group case criminal, after probation-wezzy |

After being put on trial, one of the three dropped out of the school, one flew overseas, and the two worked as engineers and consultants in Tokyo. One of the non-prosecutions dropped out of graduate school, changed his name, and was interviewed as a young engineer at his startup company. He talked about the reasons for dropping out and nothing about the case came out.

For those who may have been subjected to social sanctions by the press, changing the name and hiding the past would be one of the ways of sorrow. Their life continues from now on. However, I hear voices that behavior is not different from before. This is very disappointing.

Be careful to carefully identify the Korean side's response If there is no improvement, the regulation will be strengthened and expanded | NHK News

Deutsche Bank cuts 18,000 people, significantly shrinks investment banking sector: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Prime Minister Abe asserts Korea's 'inappropriate case' = export restrictions, justification: Jiji dot com

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Industry: Asahi newspaper digital

Insect eating belly, radish cut man arrested at ward office Kobe arrest-Sankei News

Prime Minister 'Democrat's Mr. Edano' mistake barrage As a standard of speech? -2019 House of Councilors Election (Selection of House of Councilors): Asahi Shimbun Digital

12 students raped principal arrested, insistence insistence 'devil got over' Bangla 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Column: A Dictator Than Human Rights, Trump Reveals the Power of Diplomacy-Reuters

Famima president directly connected to member store owners in LINE 'Now, the head office is the most blurred'

Seven-Eleven store owner, actual conditions of fraudulent use that 7pay victims complain (1/2) <Weekly Asahi> | AERA dot. (Aera dot)

Iran's Uranium Enrichment to Upper Limit in Several Hours 1 Photo International News: AFPBB News

JASRAC infiltrates music classroom for 2 years. Housewife is taken over: Asahi Shimbun Digital

'Commuter rides on the boat' Tokyo experimented to ease morning rushes | NHK News

Warehouse fire One person died Spray cans out of gas or Osaka Takatsuki | NHK News

A collection of data showing the 'Abenomics results'-Monosiri talks summarized in 3 minutes of monosilin

The father of a female university student died in a Japanese confectionery store fridge: Asahi newspaper digital

Trump administration 'incompetent and dysfunctional' reported by British ambassador to the US: Asahi Shimbun digital

Confidential public mails confirmed by Mail on Sunday are from 2017 to the present. Under the circumstances, Mr. Darlock said, “I think that the Trump regime will“ become to be closer to the normal state from now on and that dysfunction, unforeseeability, division by faction, diplomatic misery, incompetence will be improved. It is reported that it is impossible.

Was a 19-year-old boy fled abroad at that time? | NHK News

Focus: Face data collection in exchange for cookware, fast-growing industry in China-Reuters

Here is a village in Henan, inland China. As dogs roar and chickens roam, residents lined up on dirt roads, and they get pots, tea pots and tea cups in exchange for images of their faces.

Spray can explosion moment Video of security camera Osaka | NHK News

Impact on the 'no additive problem' bread industry Unfaithfulness or corporate effort ?: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Shiori Ito 'I told you to stop' Testimony in a claim for compensation to former reporters |

Spray can explosion damage to 200 meters radius Osaka | NHK News

Unmanned mobile crane traveling near power pole in collision with power pole Osaka | NHK News

On the morning of the 8th, a crane car that had no people in Osaka Tochigi City started running in the back and collided with a telephone pole. Although there were no injuries due to this accident, the police were investigating the situation of the accident because one power pole was knocked down and around 180 houses in the vicinity had a temporary power outage.

Is JASRAC's 'infiltration investigation' legal? (Kurihara Kiyoshi)-Personal-Yahoo! News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)

A short sentence will be published in the Shincho August issue if you take it into various media and thank you for everything-How to make Taihei Yamashita's hobbies

Inheritance system changed significantly from this month To prevent problems due to aging | NHK News

【Answer to misunderstanding】 Thank you for your opinion. 'President of ZOZO Maezawa, Shinobu Sakagami's overseas porting issue' added, follow-up. -Working doctor practice diary-3

50-year-old withdrawal, the future I do not want to think 'Old age is alone'-2019 House of Councilors Election (the upper house election): Asahi Shimbun digital

Things to consider before starting an index-funded investment at NISA-Slow down

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
[Annual income 9 million → 400,000 → 8 million → 30 million] I read income article of a certain erotic coterie writer and thought-I put mikan on my head

Simple help desk system made with Google Form, Slack, Zapier, Trello | okash1n | note

Business and IT issues to consider from the 7Pay problem-everyday of novtan

Ask Google if Venus is Porn-Book Sucking

7 data and royal road patterns that the NY Times reporters are using | Saya | note

How has NETFLIX become such a company?野 “Ambition of NETFLIX content empire – Strongest IT company beyond GAFA” – Basic reading

What to do in the event of a serious accident? | Miyasaka | note

Raspberry Pi 4 this and that. -Akira Tsuji Diary

Google's self-driving car, one step closer to the future? (Shinobu Kokubo)-Personal-Yahoo! News

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)
'Is it wrong to ask for a meeting in a dungeon II? Special edition Episode 0' The past and the future (past and future) '-YouTube

'Don't it be wrong to ask for a meeting in the dungeon II?'

TV anime 'Careful Hero' Teaser PV-YouTube

Movie version 'Made in abyss-The soul of the deep soul' special video-YouTube

TV anime 'Don't put your hand on Video Lab!' PV 2-YouTube

TV anime 'Golden Kamui' third production decision !! PV-YouTube

Official Teaser Trailer 2 Theme Song: m-flo 'HUMAN LOST feat. J. Balvin'-YouTube

'GREAT PRETENDER' official site

World Long-awaited! WIT STUDIO new original animation 'GREAT PRETENDER'! ! Broadcast on Fuji TV '+ Ultra' in 2020! Hiroki Kashiwagi × Yoshiyuki Kusumoto × Ryota Furusawa × WIT STUDIO ... The best entertainment animation that the strongest tag team of this century puts!

The day after my 47th birthday, something happened to my body-Manga 'Depression 9dan' Episode 1 |

The man who created the control box for arcade game mania! Interview with Mr. Yasushi Suzuki-IGCC

A picture similar to that in the manga magazine 'Hana to Yume'

Flowers and Dreams published in different worlds cartoons, 'The girl's cartoon heroine incarnates in the world of boy cartoons' and the pattern is just like Arina Tanemura-Togetter

If you like to cosplay too much and try to get close to the character muscle training in Asia No. 1 muscle girl MIHARU super rare life | AbemaTIMES

The birth of Yuri's survival game! Review of 'To the People of the Land' Review-From a Cell of Society

serial experiments lain TTL 2019-2028

All serial experiments lain fans
Notice of Secondary Creation

It is Ueda of NBCUniversal.
The 20th anniversary of broadcasting from 2018, with fans taking the lead
Do an event called Club Cyberia
Some people will do the T-shirt festival
When strange game media come to the interview, they have eyes like shame play-

While content like indies is so beloved for such a long time
There are parts that must be dealt with in the face of a company, so we can not cooperate very much
I had a bad tooth.

For those passionate fans who worked hard on the work
I would like to thank myself as a company employee
As a result of consulting with the company, I would like to do the following.

For those who say that the terms and conditions and hard sentences are 'very disgusting'
The loose and slimy commentary with a concrete example is described at the bottom of the page.
Please be sure to read the usage guidelines and terms of use if they are actually used.
Dai Ankichi

YUKI x AOI Chimera Project

The “YUKI x AOI Chimera Project” is a project that voice actors, Toru Inoki have planned, originals and character drafts, and aims to animate with “friends”. We would like to bring together project members from 0 and make it a project that will allow customers to enjoy the way to challenge for the realization of animation. With the wish of animating realization. Thank you in advance. July 7 YUKI x AOI Chimera Project Management and Preparation Bureau

TV anime 'The Edge of the Destruction' Konohira Inosuke Special PV-YouTube

TV Anime 'The Edge of the Destruction' Demon Information Ban PV 3-YouTube

TV anime 'vandalism blade' third installment PV Nada Aoiyama starts July 13-YouTube

Theatrical version 'Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]' II. Lost butterfly Blu-ray & DVD 60 seconds PV | 8.21 (wed) ON SALE-YouTube

'Sword Art Online Alisonization War of Underworld' Anime Expo 2019 Teaser Video-YouTube

TV anime 'Vinland Saga' character PV [Torufin]-YouTube

TV anime 'Vinland Saga' character PV [Talls]-YouTube

TV anime 'Granverum' non-credit OP | Now on air from July 5, 2019! -YouTube

TV anime 'Takakai superior hand Takagi 2' non-credit OP 'zero centimeter' / Yuko Ohara-YouTube

TV anime 'Takakai-san, Takagi-san 2' Non-credit ED 'Kanade' / Takagi-san (CV: Takayoshi Riyo)-YouTube

'CODE VEIN' Opening Animation-YouTube

Sakamoto Maaya-Memory of the Universe (Short Ver.) _ TV anime 'BEM' opening theme-YouTube

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)
Mr. Rambo, Tamura, confessed to the reason why he did not make political remarks on Twitter “If I took up the issue of Takeshima, I was disappointed with the regular program”

'A national anthem player, not a representative of Japan' Yoshiro Mori-2016 Rio Olympics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Anzu Shinichiro Ana, pittanko 'Sorry to say' I apologize for 'very credible loss' apologies too-Sponichi Sponichi Annex entertainment

'Potsun and one house' 20-6%! The show's super thin 4th consecutive overdraft-Sponichi Sponichi Annex entertainment

What J PRIDE: [Real] Taninami Kazuyoshi, Kataoka Atsushi, Nomura Hiroki and go! Tokyo Bay Dinner Cruise

Japan Ham Sugitani Kenji 'Please stop calling you' こ れ this: Polly Breaking News

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
Nissin Yakisoba UFO Peroli Katsuo Suka Rudashi Sauce / Yuzu fragrant chicken shioroba (July 22 release) | Nisshin Foods Group

'Nisshin-no-donbei soup-less beef calbi-flavored udon' 'Nisshining noodle-less donbei spicy beef stock tofu soup' (released on July 22) | Nisshin Foods Group

Sorry I made you wait! Popular flavors will appear even more delicious! 'Meiji Essel Super Cup Cookie Vanilla' July 15 New Release

News of 'ajito ism pizza taste mix soba' new release | News Release | Corporate Information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

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