Samsung CEO admits postponement of the release of the folding smartphone 'Galaxy Fold' as 'embarrassing' and 'insufficient'

Samsung's first foldable (collapsible) smartphone ' Fold in Foldable', which was scheduled to be released on April 26, 2019, was revealed in a pre-release review that a display corruption problem emerged and that the body had a fatal defect . Samsung announced a postponement of release just before. Samsung DJ CEO Cho confirmed that 'it was embarrassing' and that trying to bring Galaxy Fold to market in an inadequate state was a mistake.

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Samsung CEO admits Galaxy Fold launch was 'embarrassing'

Samsung announced that the first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, will be released on April 26, 2019 at a retail price of $ 1980. However, while some media personnel used to obtain Galaxy Fold prior to release, problems were reported one after another, such as 'the display is broken and nothing is displayed on the collapsible screen.'

Report that the display was damaged the day when I got Samsung's first foldable smartphone 'Galaxy Fold'-GIGAZINE

Samsung, on the other hand, stated that 'If you peel off the protective layer of the display or attach another protective sheet, it will lead to damage,' and 'only a limited number of sample terminals have problems. 'The Galaxy Fold will be released on April 26 as planned.'

Samsung mentions that the display of folding smartphone 'Galaxy Fold' is broken by haste-GIGAZINE

However, in China, which was scheduled to be released simultaneously with the United States, the release event is delayed just before it is released. In addition, Samsung officially announced on April 22, 2019, four days before its launch, that it will postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold. At the time of writing, Samsung has not announced a new release date for Galaxy Fold.

Samsung formally decides to postpone the release of 'folded' smartphones 'Galaxy Fold', which reports 'broken'-GIGAZINE

Samsung mentioned the Galaxy Fold issue during a meeting with the media in Seoul, Korea. Koo commented, 'I've decided to launch it even though I'm not ready,' commenting on the series of events that happened at Galaxy Fold as 'embarrassing,' leaving it in a state of completeness. We acknowledged that we have decided to launch Galaxy Fold in the market.

At the same time, Koh said, 'We currently have more than 2000 devices tested in every way. We defined all the issues. There were some issues we didn't even think of, but our reviewer Thanks to that, the test is in progress, 'he said, saying that he is working on the re-launch of Galaxy Fold.

'The solution to the Galaxy Fold problem is not just about the patience of CEO, but it's about the company's philosophy, which was restructured over 25 years ago,' said Stephanie Choi, director of global marketing strategy at Samsung. . After introducing Samsung's brand philosophy of “doing things that can't be done,” Choi said, “The Galaxy Fold issue is part of the process of“ doing things that can't be done ”.

During the talks, he strongly insisted that 'it is not a question' Is Galaxy Fold going to be released? 'But' When is Galaxy Fold going to be released? 'But the specifics of the new release date I didn't reveal the date, but commented 'Soon. Please wait a little more.'

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