White peach × yogurt refreshing sweet and sour have eaten “White peach and yogurt sauce pancake” of Eggs' n Things perfect for summer

A new summer pancake ' White Pancake with Yogurt Sauce Pancake', which is perfect for summer with the sweet taste of white peach and fresh acidity with raspberry & yogurt sauce, has appeared as a new menu of Eggs' n Things. I have actually eaten to make sure the taste of pancake is perfect for a hot summer.

'Peach all' pancake appeared! 'Pancake with white peach and yoghurt sauce' Limited sale on June 25 (Tuesday)-July 31 (Wed), 2019-Eggs' n Things [Official]


I came to Eggs' n Things right away.

'White peach and yoghurt sauce pancake' (1480 yen excluding tax) was provided in about 5 minutes from the order.

Pancakes are half-packed with yoghurt and raspberry sauce, and in the middle are white peach and gelato white peach cut into one bite size.

It is raspberry sauce that draws a red line on the pure white yogurt sauce.

Beside the pancakes is a white peach soaked in syrup ...

A heap of whipped cream.

Whipped cream is a cup of soft drink or ...

It is filled to the same height as the iPhone XS Leather Folio .

Pancakes are 4 layers.

When you actually eat it, the nickname of the fluffy and dusty pancake and the yogurt sauce that you can feel the acidity firmly in the firm yogurt flavor is outstanding. Yogurt sauce has a stronger presence than expected, and Eggs' n Things whipped cream is light and mild, so the flavor of yogurt sauce is overwhelming even if you eat it together. Raspberry sauce and yoghurt sauce are both sweet and sour tastes, but the addition of raspberry sauce makes it feel more fresh. Because the acidity is effective on the whole and the aftertaste is clean, it is a taste that seems to be able to be eaten refreshingly even in hot summer.

White peach gelato is a rich taste that can be enjoyed with no less than a syrupy white peach and a bite-sized white peach. We tasted white peach fresh with sour taste of yogurt & raspberry and finished it with pancake too happy for sweets who can add whipped cream as much as you like.

In addition, 'pancake of white peach and yoghurt sauce' is limited sale from June 25 (Tuesday) to July 31 (Wednesday), 2019, and the price is 1480 yen excluding tax. We are handling at Eggs' n Things of the whole country, but care is necessary as LaLaport Nagoya Minato and Acruz store, Takasaki OPA store, and Kashiwajimaya Station Mall store do not handle it.

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