Anti-advertisement service 'Track This' which misleads web advertisement and displays 'advertisement that user is not interested'

The web ads that are displayed on the website during browsing are customized for each user, and are designed to display ads that the user may be interested in. Advertising companies use

cookies to peek at the privacy of their users, but Mozilla, which develops Firefox as a web browser, fools such web ads by disguising cookies as different personalities, and ties them with their true identity. We released a web service ' Track This ' that displays no ads.

Track This | A new kind of Incognito

Hey advertisers, track THIS | The Firefox Frontier

Ads customized to your preferences are more likely to be clicked by the user, which is beneficial to the advertising company. However, sometimes it's surprising to see an ad that matches your preference too much, or an ad that tells you where you live.

Such personalized advertising is realized by the advertising company gaining user privacy. Users are tracked based on small information stored in a browser called Cookie, and it is said that information such as language, visited sites, and items purchased by mail order are used by advertising companies. While Mozilla admits that cookies are useful, it pointed out that it is problematic for the ad network to collect user cookies without consent. It claims that users should be able to manage information across their cookies and advertisers.

So the service developed by Mozilla is Track This. Advertizing that the ad is customized based on the cookie which collected the information such as the visited site and the like, dare to 'advertise a large number of tabs of the site which has nothing to do with oneself original', deceptive advertising companies Track This was developed for this purpose. At the bottom of the page are four personalities: Hypebeast (Fashion Leader), Filthy Rich (rich), Doomsday Prepper (people ready for the end of the day), and Influencer (influencer) . You can choose your favorite type to display your ad.

For example, if you click 'Hypebeast' ...

You can see what kind of person Hypebeast is. Hypebeast is a personality who is interested in fashionable clothes and shoes and is interested in new music. If you click 'TRACK THIS' at the bottom, the browser will open up to 100 tabs at once, so it's a good idea to close other tabs or save existing work in advance. Let's actually click on TRACK THIS.

Then I was first asked to change the browser settings. The reason is that many browsers can not open up to 100 tabs at once because of measures such as malware. This time I used Chrome, so click the padlock icon on the top left, and click 'Site Settings'.

You need to set the 'Popup and redirect' item to 'Allow'.

After setting, return to the website again and click 'OPEN 100 TABS!'.

Then, a lot of tabs start to open soon.

It is difficult to check all sites because there are too many tabs, but it is a fashion brand

Supreme known for items influenced by skateboard culture and hip hop ...

Outdoor Goods

The North Face


seems that there are sites such as Complex , a news site for music and pop culture.

Once you close the browser, delete all the tabs, and then browse again, you may have a shoe advertisement or ...

I felt that advertising related to fashion, music, etc. has increased.

Also, if you open 100 tabs in Filthy Rich ...

You will see news sites for investors, luxury fashion brands, credit card sites and more.

In Doomsday Prepper ...

The emergency evacuation set and the site which discussed the conspiracy theory seem to open.

Opening 100 tabs in the Influencer ...

A beauty site, a travel site, and a site related to fitness have been opened.

With Track This you can temporarily disguise your cookie as another person, and change the type of ad displayed. However, if you continue browsing, you will eventually see an advertisement tailored to you, and because the collection of cookies has not stopped, it is mainly to confirm the effect of cookies on advertisement display. It is said that it is a purpose.

However, Firefox is focusing on protecting user privacy, and it is planned that it will respond to enabling privacy protection by default.

Firefox supports privacy protection enabled by default, and password management application 'Firefox Lockwise' is also extended-GIGAZINE

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