Headline News for June 26, 2019

Morinaga Seika Co., Ltd. collaborated with 'chocoball' brand and 'highchu' brand, 'highchoy chocolate ball [grape]' (86 yen including tax) and 'chocoball like high chew' (138 yen including tax) 2019 7 It will be released on May 2 (Tuesday). It tastes as if they were replaced with each other, so it might be a bit confusing to check the taste.

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

A theory that even in a large universe, an intelligent life may be the only human being-GIGAZINE

Fusion experimental reactor 'Wendelstein 7-X' achieves world record of high temperature and high density plasma-GIGAZINE

I tried eating 'natto flavor for natto enthusiasts' to eat with natto-GIGAZINE

◆ neta (memo, various other)

◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)
Nature magazine denounces-Japan's worst research fraud uncovers 'deficiencies' of Japanese universities (Koshiki Eisuke)-Individual-Yahoo! News

The case is said to be one of the worst in history.
Is that STAP cell incident? I thought you It's totally wrong.
The Japanese researchers had caused a case such as STAP cell incident that was incomparably large. That is the case that happened to the late Mr. S, who was a professor at Motohirosaki University.

Succeeded in observation just before the occurrence of 'radiation burst' lightning Kyoto University etc. | NHK News

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Acquire Bombardier Small Business Business 59 billion yen: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Toyohashi University of Technology Introduces Concurrent Enrollment with National College of Technology Starting next spring, graduation is also possible: Society: Chunichi Shimbun (CHUNICHI Web)

Application for 'Nature 20 million yen' moving individual net securities soars: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Lender, Mr. Tanikawa's election officials meet “Manage funds behind the back”: Asahi Shimbun Digital

LIXIL family trouble, second generation Dora son side resistance unwillingly set on the Seto side: market price turn two floors

[Postscript] About some coverage about Imabari towel of NHK | ORUNET (Ornet)

Report on NHK 'Non-Nare' coverage | Imabari Towel official general information site

We have confirmed that the company reported as 'a subcontracted factory where 28 Vietnamese people work' and 'work is sewing of towels' in this report is not a member of our association.
In addition, in this report, one union says that 'we will discuss in a union tomorrow' is considered to be a supervisory body (cooperative that performs acceptance) of foreign technical interns, and it is an organization different from our union. There is no direct contact between the company and the union.

Police raid case, Osaka prefectural police 'incorrect false arrest' of innocent classmate | Smart FLASH [Kobunsha Weekly Magazine]

'About 12 o'clock, when the chime rang and opened the front door, the detective was suddenly squeezed with both hands and pulled out.' What a matter of time, I resisted, but 'it's adult! Come to the station,' I was put on a police car surrounded by nearly 20 detectives.
Somehow I was up to the press, and while the camera shutter sound rang, my head became blank with panic. '

The highest tax revenue exceeds 60 trillion yen The bubble period exceeds in 18: The Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Security cancellation statement, Trump's true intention or unchanged 'view of Japan': Asahi Shimbun digital

'If you stop for 24 hours, sales decline' headquarters persuasive owner painful complaint | NHK News

Osaki case of brother-in-law murder crime cancellation of retrial start decision cancellation Supreme Court | NHK News

Seven-Eleven 'Every shop owner decides to stop operating 24 hours' | NHK News

Northern Territories 'Abe's dream comes true' The Washington Post, Mr. Putin 'The In-Depth Game' |

Judgment of 2 years and 6 months imprisonment imprisonment with small 4 girls abusive death mother Chiba District Court | NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
The increasing number of children's cafeterias The largest number of children in the past 1,400 places in 3,718 places nationwide (Makoto Yuasa)-Personal-Yahoo! News

When I stayed at the house where the cat is, 'Owner's morning ... ... another person! ! ! I'm astonished-> a story of a misplaced 'I have a face of identification'-Togetter

I received an email when I was rested and I got an email from the British teacher saying, 'Your body is private. You just have to leave the class for a break.'-Togetter

A cartoon-like idol in a layman's restoration, almost restored in a re-restoration Spain 2 photos International News: AFPBB News

Okinawa Soba-Pal

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
'Ai employees' join Merkari! Very active from translation to daily business support #Mercari days | Mercan (Mercan)

It is on Slack, and it is HISASHI's role to support AI by internal help desk work. Basically, 'someone in charge' in the company responded to questions and operations such as 'how to print', 'how to settle expenses', 'request for translation', etc. It takes time to solve it. He said, 'Because AI employees can respond automatically, let's be able to respond automatically!', HISASHI-kun was born and nurtured until it could be active as an employee.

Amazon's Review Shows Mystery Criminal-Togetter

I made a guy to automatically return the style of Ryokun gourmet style to the other-open and close

Yanaeura special interview in BM9820AT [transcription permanent preservation version] | BM9820A | note

Y Generally speaking, MIDI data is in order from the start of the song
There is an absolute time axis like 1 second and 2 seconds elapsed.
BMS, on the other hand, calculates the number of divisions of a bar.
I feel relative.
And “It is important that you can freely change the denominator (the number that divides one bar).
Y It's novel, that's it.
Recently, MIDI has been called '2.0', and now it is called '1.0'.
It has been 30 years since MIDI. (MIDI 2.0 development reference article)
In 2.0, the resolution in a chunk (a set of data) is
It is said that it will be expanded to be specified individually,
Finally, 'Ichikura (MIDI) catches up with BMS' ...
(All laugh)
Y No ~ It took ~ time! ! 20 years!
C No-this is not a quote! !
Say 'This has been 20 years ago (] v [)'

How efficient is it to end vi with: wq or: q! or ZZ-the future of humans and the web

Recommendation (and Search) in Cookpad-Speaker Deck

A story of launching an advertising platform with Java + Golang in LINE

vi zz thing – NorthPage

There are several reasons to use ZZ to terminate vi. The first is that ZZ writes only the changed buffer and ends. If you don't change the buffer, ZZ will exit without doing anything. The file is not touched and no extra writing is done. The advantage of ZZ is that there is no need to manage such modify-flags. When using ZZ, it's a simple command that will perform the usual request quite commonly: 'If you want to save if there is a change, you don't want to touch if there is no change'.

The second reason is that ZZ is a vi command. Eh, what is wq? This is an ex command. When you press ':', you are in ex mode and it will not be executed until you press the return key. If you want to end vi, use ZZ. Unfortunately vi does not have a command to exit without writing a modified buffer, so in such cases you will use the ex command: q !.

The third reason is that ZZ can achieve the desired result with the minimum keystroke. ZZ is 2 strokes, but: wq is 4 strokes including return. A long time ago, there was a friend who lined up the reasoning saying 'Z is pressing the shift key, so it's a convenient 4 strokes, so let's make 3 strokes with a bonus,' but then 'NASA' is 5 letters. That's not true.

Now let's look at what the vim manual is like.

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)

I was asked by KADOKAWA for an illustration of a novel of 'Kemono Friends', but I had to wait for 2 and a half years for the unpaid work fee and finally I was paid only for the rough work fee 100,000 yen-Togetter

It may be a very good tendency for a voice actor to lose sight of the patient who suffered from 'Pegiyamu disease' that was comparable to a pandemic-Togetter

【Hokuto Revive】 High Quality 3D Movie Vol. 1 'My Heart Scream 1'-YouTube

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)

Keanu Reeves 'Sadness and a sense of loss never disappear. I'm always by my side.'

[Sad news] The entertainer, had a frustration of no gallery: Nanji great stadium @ what J summary

[Sad news] Darvish Yu, what J people level will become a roar of: Nanji great stadium @ what J summary

What a J PRIDE: [Sad news] Toru Hotaruhara, someone will lose his right arm

Japan-Ham Fujioka, Kagiya and Giant Yoshikawa Mitsuo, Usami to Trade! ! ! : Polly bulletin

'2 balls 3 out' without a runner without a runner in high school baseball Related parties are 'first ears'-Mainichi Shimbun

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
The taste of fresh lemon is perfect for summer!
'Lemon taste' product from five popular brands will be released sequentially from Monday, July 1, 2019!

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