Does your 'favorite type' really exist?



It is said that each person has a 'favorite partner's type' like 'that person is cool but not the type' or 'the child is his / her type'. Researchers at the University of Toronto are investigating whether such a preference type actually exists.

Consistency between individuals 'past and current romantic partners' own reports of their personalities | PNAS

Relationships: yes, you do have a type – and it's likely to be your ex, new study suggestions

It is widely whispered that there is a type of preference for each person, but so far it has not been researched as to whether people really like certain types of people. Therefore, a research team at the University of Toronto conducted an analysis using data from a family panel survey conducted longitudinally in Germany.

In the survey, more than 12,000 participants answered a questionnaire about their personality, and five personality traits “Neuroticism” based on a model called “ Big Five (Five-Factor Model )” “Extraversion (Extroversy), 'Openness to Experience', 'Agreeableness' and 'Conscientiousness' have judged the character. The research team conducted a follow-up survey of the persons who answered this questionnaire, and conducted the same personality survey for the partner with whom the respondent was associated.

After 9 years of research, researchers were able to get answers on the character questionnaire from 332 people who had other partners in the past than the current partners. Not only did 332 people respond to a questionnaire to determine what they were about not only about their own characters, but also about other partners they had in the past.



The respondents answered about the character of the past partner, and it was found that the present partner and the past partner tend to have similar characteristics. People have a 'type of taste' in terms of their nature, as they are associated with partners who have common traits in the past and present. Although the sample size of the survey was significantly reduced from the family panel survey, the research team has been able to obtain significant results from the responses.

Also interestingly, it turns out that 'the type of personality you like' is similar to your own personality. When I am with my favorite partner, my heart feels soothing and often I feel that I am in love with each other because my personality is similar to my partner.

On the other hand, for people with a strong “Extraversion” or “Openness to Experience” in the five-factor model, it is possible to reunite with a partner who has the same character as the previous partner. But it was much lower. People who don't fear extroverted new experiences tend to associate with different opponents without adhering to specific personality types.

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According to the survey results, there is a possibility that it can be applied to services such as 'match with the opposite sex from character' in dating sites and apps. Just as the music streaming service introduces users to the recommended new songs based on the trend of music they have heard so far, it may be possible to create a service that recommends the ideal type based on the character.

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