Store information on Google map is reported as full of false information


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Google map shows store information and reviews such as restaurants and commercial facilities, and a star rating (business profile), but an estimated 11 million business profiles contain incorrect information or fraudulent The Wall Street Journal reports that it is being used.

Millions of Business Listings on Google Maps Are Fake—and Google Profits-WSJ

WSJ: Google Maps is flooded with 'millions' of fake business listings (updated)

According to the Wall Street Journal, competitors may be misled by the wrong address or phone number registered on Google Maps, or a fraudster may be a legal business It is said to be used for In fact, when using the repair service by relying on the business profile registered on the Google map, it seems that there are cases where a fraudster has been charged twice as much as the conventional repair cost.

As of November 2018, a fraud utilizing 'Google My Business' registering business profiles with Google existed.

The fraud which abused “Google my business” which displays store information in search result of Google comes up-GIGAZINE

In response to this report, Google has posted a blog that appeals for its efforts to remove fake business profiles.

How we fight fake business profiles on Google Maps

Google has used a variety of constantly evolving manual and automated systems to fight people who try to register fake business profiles. However, since many fraudsters who try to exploit Google Map's business profile even at the time of writing, they can not reveal details about how they have removed false information.

Google has a strict policy on business profiles, and it is clear that there is also a team to delete profiles that violate this policy. As a result, more than 3 million fake business profiles were deleted in 2018, 90% of which were removed before Google Maps users saw the information. In addition, Google's internal system was responsible for 85% of business profile deletion, only 250,000 of the deleted business profiles were reported by users, and registered false information We have revealed that we have disabled more than 150,000 accounts.

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At the time of article creation, in order to register a business profile with Google, all you need to do is enter the business name, phone number, address, etc. from the web and verify the business owner using postcards. Therefore, while 25 million pieces of business information are registered on Whitepages of similar services, Google My Business, which can be registered more easily, has 150 million or more pieces of business information registered. You However, with this simple registration method, Google is having a hard time dealing with false information.

Note that Google can flag individual business profiles for deletion , or report multiple business profiles at once from the business remedies form , in order to remove false information on business profiles more effectively. It is like that.

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