We have eaten three new kinds of sand such as 'Tandoori chicken sand' made by sandwiching spicy juicy brand chicken with glutinous dough in the first kitchen

All three types of sandwich 'Pacoon' with a sticky texture of buns have been added to the First Kitchen menu from June 20, 2019. It is Pakuon that appeared in 2018, but this time ' Tandoori Chicken Sand ' with brand chicken ' Megumi chicken ' in Iwate Prefecture under the theme of 'Enjoy the summer with strong domestic ingredients!' ' Maaji fried fish' using 'maaji' taken in one Nagasaki prefecture, ' Ginger grilled sandwich ' using ' Yamagata pig ' which passed strict recognition standard of Yamagata meat corporation with public appeared So I went to the shop and ate all three.

3 kinds of 'Paccoon' new release with plenty of selected domestic ingredients!-First Kitchen

Arrive at the first kitchen.

At the store, there was a banner that appealed the appearance of new-generation sandwiches using domestic ingredients. We will order three new sands at once.

Arrive in about 5 minutes from order. From left: Tandoori chicken sand of Megumi chicken from Iwate prefecture, Maastaki fried sandfish from Nagasaki prefecture, and ginger-grilled sandwich of Yamagata pork from Yamagata prefecture (each tax-included 450 yen).

First of all, we eat Tandoori Chicken Sand of Megumi Chicken.

It looks like this when comparing the size with traffic IC cards.

Ingredients are lettuce, Tandoori chicken , sliced tomato.

When I try to eat it, the buns are moist but light in texture. Tandoori chicken sauce, which is a combination of more than 10 spices and yoghurt, can give you a fragrant and spicy taste, but it is not as hot as pulling back or squeezing your tongue. This moderate hotness and the refreshing sourness of tomato bring out the juicy taste of chicken using the meat of 'Megumi chicken' from Iwate prefecture, so it is like eating more and more even when you have a hot appetite It was finished in the sand.

Then, try eating 'Nagasaki Prefecture true sweetfish fry sandwich'. Ingredients are fried mackerel, lettuce and chopped cabbage.

The freshly fried aji fry made with coarse raw bread crumbs has a light and light texture for the batter and a soft texture for the contents of the horse mackerel. Just because I used prepared ingredients for sashimi immediately after landing, the fish itself does not have the characteristic taste of fish. The crispy shredded cabbage resets the frying oiliness, so I was able to enjoy the harmony of the dark worcester sauce and the horse mackerel flavor until the last bite.

The last is 'Yamagata pork ginger-grilled sandwich from Yamagata Prefecture'. Ingredients are ginger of pork, lettuce, chopped cabbage.

After eating a bite, the sweet and spicy taste of ginger and the rich taste of Yamagata pork spread in the mouth. Yamagata pork, which is grown over a longer period of normal fattening days, has a fleshy texture that is full of the feeling of eating meat while being sliced, and a bit of juicy and thick meat juice rushes into the mouth. Furthermore, since the fresh flavor of ginger is well-matched to the feeling of being crunchy, it is finished in the sand that can be recommended to people who want to eat meat. However, the smell of garlic works, so be careful when you plan to meet people.

“Iwate prefecture Megumi chicken tandoori chicken sand” “Nagasaki prefecture prefecture true aji fly sand” “Yamagata prefecture origin Yamagata pork ginger grilled sandwich” has been handled in the first kitchen of the whole country from June 20, 2019, All prices are 450 yen including tax.

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