We have eaten 'set of curry and curry and curry and curry' at 'curry stock Tokyo' of one day limited curry lined with a selection of soup specialty store selections

There is a day called ' Curry Stock Tokyo ' where the menu is curry only, once a year, at the soup stock store ' Sup Stock Tokyo '. June 21st, 2019 (Fri) is exactly that day, and eight types of curry, including the best new curry, have appeared this year. In addition, since ' Curry and curry, a set of curry and curry ' that can enjoy four types of curry was newly set, I enjoyed four types of curry.

On Friday, June 21, 2019, Soup Stock Tokyo is a curry shop that is limited to one day.


Arrive at 'Soup Stock Tokyo' shop.

Today, yellow tape is stuck on the top of the soup because it is 'curry' not 'soup'.

Menu is curry 8 types. How to eat curry rice (tax-included 760 yen), two types of curry (tax-included 926 yen), curry and curry-set of curry (tax-included 1166 yen), curry and curry-set of curry and curry (tax-included 1406 yen) Four.

'Curry and curry and curry and curry set' is like this. The upper left has a yellow item and yellow lassi gets extra bonus. It was OK with the eye drops of the yellow case.

Two types of pokemon curry have rice in the center and have different louvers on the left and right.

This is a new ' Ratatuille curry of seven types of vegetables '. It is made into curry by adding spices to ratatouille which is a home dish of southern France.

Umami taste of vegetables is fully melted out based on tomato flavor and deep taste. And the spice's hotness reaches the upper part of the throat as it covers over the sour taste of tomato. The curry taste is crisp and refreshing dry curry.

This side is ' summer vegetables and mussel curry '. It is curry using mussels and celery, which are the main ingredients of Belgian cuisine 'Mussels white wine steaming'.

In addition to the taste of mussels, a curry with a strong seafood flavor that only the crayfish-based stock Fumedocokiyu is used as 'the seafood curry'. The crisp and crisp texture of celery is accented. Light spicy spreads in the mouth along with the umami of the soup.

The first plate is ' Canamasara (Chiema Curry with Chickpeas) '. It is a dish that represents North India.

The texture of hot chickpeas is surrounded by the hot taste that contains acidity, with the taste of tomatoes as the core. All three curries so far are 'medium hot' or so hot.

The second plate is ' a spicy keema curry with eggplant and ground beef .' At first glance, it looks like hot, but it is almost non-hot, rather 'sweet.'

Fresh tomatoes and simmered, sweetened eggplants go well with minced meat.

After the end of 'Curry Stock Tokyo', which is limited to one day, two types of curry will be provided on a weekly basis until August 2 (Fri), but 'Curry, curry, curry and curry set' can be ordered As it is limited to one day, people who would like to eat and compare four types of curry should visit all day today.

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