We have eaten three kinds of 'Jewel Tapioca Sparkling Ginger' of carbonic acid × Tapioca and 'Home style chicken burger' popular in the United States at First Kitchen Wendy's

First Kitchen Wendy's ' Jewel Tapioca Sparkling Ginger ' and ' Home Style Chicken Burger ' have been available for a limited time from 20 June 2019. “Jewel Tapioca Sparkling Ginger” is a drink that combines booming Tapioca with ginger ale from around 2017, and this time it has been tasted with a new burger.

News 2019 06.19 Movie 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' tie-up campaign!

News 2019 06.19-Home America's standard-Home style chicken burger landed!

Arrive at Wendy's First Kitchen.

At the storefront, the target Jewel Tapioca Sparkling Ginger was widely appealing. Below that, ' Spider-Man: Far From Home ', which is scheduled to be released from June 28, 2019 during the tie-up campaign, is also advertised.

Quickly buy three new Jewel Tapioca Sparkling Gingers and two Home Style Chicken Burgers.

First Kitchen and First Kitchen Wendy's offer three flavors of 'mango', 'Black Tea' and 'Strawberry' of ' Jewel Tapioca Sparkling Ginger ' (450 yen per item price, 410 yen set price).

It comes with a thick straw for tapioca drinks.

At first we drink from ' sparkling ginger strawberry '.

Tapioca is plenty towards the bottom.

When you inhale a drink, you can taste tapioca through a straw.

The taste of the drink itself is like strawberry-flavored ginger ale. There is quite a lot of tapioca, and the belly swells up as you drink, so it's an impression that is more than just a drink, but a drink and a dessert.

' Sparkling ginger mango ' is a refreshing taste like summer, where the sweetness of mango and the delicate ginger agar and carbonated ginger are in good balance.

' Sparkling ginger black tea ' is a unique combination of ginger ale and black tea. When you drink it, the taste of the tea is quite strong, and you can beat the taste of ginger ale. The sweetness of the whole was also matched with tapioca.

'Home Style Chicken Burger' is a hamburger that is popular in the United States, the home country of First Kitchen Wendy. There are two types.

First of all, from wasabi soy sauce mayo chicken burger (tax-included 470 yen) with a Japanese-original taste.

The upper side of the patties is shredded with radish, carrots, cucumber and so on, and wasabi soy sauce mayo is on top of it.

When I try to eat, the flavor of the moment I enter the mouth is clearly 'Ah, it's wasabi' clearly, but instead of the wasabi's distinctive tow and hotness, the rich mayonnaise umami and sour taste of the chicken's juicy meat Umami is spread. Salads such as radish add accents to crispness and texture, but are pressed by the taste of the sauce and chicken, and the presence of the taste is hardly felt.

The last is ' Honey Mustard Chicken Burger ' (tax-included 470 yen).

Honey mustard sauce is full between tomato lettuce and upper buns.

Honey mustard sauce was also on chicken patties.

When I try to eat it, the combination of mustard sauce and chicken is 'naturally decided to match.' Honey mustard sauce has a strong mustard taste but it is a very sweetly seasoned. The chicken is battery while it is juicy, and it has a firm meaty umami that rivals honey mustard sauce, and you can also feel the fresh taste of tomatoes.

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