Succeeded in bringing back the smile by 'realizing' the main character of 'DOOM' with a neural network

An attempt is made by a Reddit user to evolve the icon of the main character game Doomguy of the master game “ DOOM ” released in 1993 to a realistic realistic expression using StyleGAN encoders that utilize “ StyleGAN ” developed by leading semiconductor maker NVIDIA. Is done.

Neural network generated drawings of the man from Doom: interestingasfuck

Someone Used a Neural Network to Draw Doom Guy in High-Res

Reddit user zergling103 was the first to launch Doomguy's Realization Project. Mr. zergling103 is DOOM dealing with the topic of the relationship between the Reddit / R / Doom 'FaceApp, to Waifu2x titled, I tried to raise the resolution of the face of Doomguy using the Gimp' post gave a.

The first step of Doomguy realization is the following image posted in September 2017:

By zergling103

After that, not getting bored with high resolution alone, zergling103 embarked on 'Realization' of Doomguy using StyleGAN. I manually corrected the parts of the face that were distorted as a result of using StyleGAN, and created Doomguy version 2 and version 3.

Version 2 is this. It looks like a real human being.

Version 3 was commented that there is a sense of fatherhood.

By zergling103

After that, the real Doomguy's post by zergling103 stopped, but another Reddit user IMightBeAPenguin posted the real Doomguy image. The real Doomguy by IMightBeAPenguin has been vertically cut and a smile version has been added.

According to the comments in this post, neural networks do not recognize low-resolution 'teeth', so they added high-resolution 'smiling mouth' to the original Doomguy and then processed it with a neutral network. Although IMightBeAPenguin does not disclose the method of realization in detail, it seems to use neural networks.

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