I tried using Ajinomoto that I can make a dish with just putting in a microwave oven.

Cooking hot sauce ♪ hot dish side dish ” is a seasoning that one side dish of warm vegetables can be made just by putting it in a microwave oven after putting together full seasonings and flavored vegetables and cutting vegetables. I tried to make sure the vegetables were really cool and easy to make sure that it was both delicious and delicious.

'Cooking ♪ hot dish side dish' Ajinomoto Co., Ltd.


This is the time for Chin ♪ hot dish side dish ' Rich black vinegar flavor ' and ' Bagna cauda '

The size of the package is about this.

Raw materials of Kokuuma black vinegar flavor are sugar, black rice vinegar, reduced water starch, rapeseed oil, green onion oil and so on.

The calorie is 49kcal for 1 tablespoon (18.5g).

Bagna cauda taste contains dextrin, rapeseed oil, fish sauce (gyocha) , reduced water candy , anchovy sauce and garlic paste.

The calorie is 43kcal for 1 tablespoon (17.5g).

Let's make warm vegetables right away. A lot of recommended vegetables for the hot side dishes are published in Ajinomoto's

online recipes , so try using carrots for rich black vinegar and broccoli for Bagna cauda.

Using finely chopped carrots, I will try to make it from

a range of hot vegetables of carrot ♪ black vinegar .

Overhang Chin ♪ hot food side dish, shake well before pouring.

First of all, let's check the taste as it is. When you look at it, you can feel the sweetness like sweet potato, while the sour taste of black vinegar is intense.

Add 1 tablespoon of hot rice dish hot rice dish cooked with black rice flavored black vinegar to 100 g of finely chopped carrot.

I put the wrap softly ...

Chin for 2 minutes at 600W.

This is the complete range of hot vegetables of carrot ♪ Black vinegar taste like this.

When I try to eat it, the crispy carrot has a good taste. Kokuuma black vinegar is a taste that suits the rice like 'sweet vinegared ankake' whether the taste of vinegar becomes mild by heating in a range. When it says 'something else,' it is a good impression that it is easy to make an item.

Next we will make

broccoli range warm vegetables ♪ Bagna cauda flavor .

If you look at the taste after shaking well, the taste of the fish sauce and garlic is intense. The taste is likely to be decided if you add it.

For every 100g of broccoli in small chops, put a teaspoon of hot tea with a hot tea and a side dish of hot tea ♪ Bagna cauda taste.

I took a lap and put it on at 600 W for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

When I try to eat it, I feel that the gentle taste of fish sauce and garlic can be firmly added to broccoli. Considering the trouble of preparing anchovies, garlic, olive oil, fresh cream, etc. at home, it is quite easy to just tinker with cut vegetables.

Over time, a full-fledged

arrangement recipe has been released to the hot tea side dish. This time, I will try to make a simple side dish (black vinegar flavor) of salad chicken and zucchini . Ingredients are salad chicken, red paprika, zucchini, dumplings, marinated chicken, and hot tin side dish.

Put a bowl of hot rice ♪ Shake well with black vinegar, sprinkle 2 tablespoons over it, wrap gently, and tin for 3 minutes at 600W.

This is a complete range of salad chicken and zucchini's simple side dishes (black vinegar flavor).

When you try to eat it, it looks as if the sweet, sweet and sour taste of a mild acidity is very firm and the taste seems to be stained. The vegetables did not go out of their way through the fire, and they felt a crispy texture.

You can buy ' Hot Chin ♪ hot side dish ' at retail stores such as supermarkets. Ajinomoto's products do not have a suggested retail price, so prices may vary depending on the store, but LOHACO.com is sold at ¥ 238 incl.

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