Uber tests to deliver McDonald's hamburger with drone

Uber, known for dispatch and delivery services, has been planning a delivery service using drones, but is planning to carry out a hamburger delivery test from summer 2019, in cooperation with McDonald's.

Uber Announces Plans to Deliver Big Macs by Drone This Summer-Bloomberg


Uber says it will start delivering fast food by drone in San Diego this summer-The Verge

The following movie will show you what drone you plan to use.

UBER AIR: Delivering Uber Eats with Drones | Uber Elevate | Uber-YouTube

Staff making a drone landing at a parking lot at McDonald's in San Diego.

A large drone appears from the container.

Perform setting of propeller ...


On the other hand, the store receives an order at Uber Eats ...

Preparation of hamburger is in progress.

Completed menu to 'Uber Eats' delivery box.

Attach the box to the drone ......

Go to delivery.

Under Uber's plan, this delivery will not be carried directly to the user's home, but will be delivered to the safe landing site specified by the drone, and then the Uber Eats deliveryman will retrieve the package and deliver it to the user. about.

In addition, the roof of the parked Uber vehicle is also assumed as one of the landing locations, and a picture showing the location being recognized by the QR code appears in the movie.

According to Eric Allison, who is responsible for Uber Air, the go-sign for drone delivery trials was due to a 150% increase in Uber Eats revenue in 2018. The test is scheduled to be held in San Diego in partnership with McDonalds and is expected to deliver 1.5 miles (about 2.4 km) in just 7 minutes, which had previously taken 21 minutes.

However, it takes three years to establish a market for regular delivery, and generalization of drone delivery is expected to be ten years later.

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