Google Introduces Game Builder, A Game That Makes 3D Games Easy And Free

Google's in-house startup department

Area 120 has officially announced Game Builder, a game that allows you to develop 3D games without programming knowledge. Game Builder is a game that can be played free on Windows and Mac, and it was actually released on Steam before, but what can be done with a major update has explosively increased what can be done.

Steam: Game Builder

Create 3D games with friends, no experience required

Game Builder can build 3D objects and build stages. It looks like minecraft, but the objects it can handle are not limited to cube blocks, but in various forms.

You can search a wide variety of 3D models from

Google Poly and place them with a single click.

Game Builder supports online Coop, so you can build a stage with your friends and have your friends play the stage you created.

It is not only the shape of the stage that you decide. Even if you do not have programming knowledge, you can modify the 'Gimmic' in the stage yourself. When giving a gimmick 'if it is' collision 'and' explodes 'to Tal ...

It's like this, when a character collides, an explosion occurs.

You can also use JavaScript to set behavior and gimmicks for almost every element in the game. JavaScript is reflected in real time in the game, so you can instantly know the result of your code. You can also learn JavaScript through Game Builder.

Although Google

announced 'Game Builder' on June 13, 2019, it was released on Steam on November 2, 2018, and had 190 ratings before it was officially announced. It was 'very popular.'

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