Visiting the anime production company 'Satellite', it was shown that Masaharu Kawamori, director in the digital section, was checking the work himself


Macross ' series and ' Aquarion is known in' series, get to show the production landscape in the animation studio satellite to carry out the production of June 14, 2019 (gold) of the public 'theater version Who moth for Alchemist' Because I had the opportunity, I was looking closely at what kind of place where the powerful battle scene was created.

Satellite Corporation

'The Movie: Who's Alchemist' 6.14 (FRI) ROADSHOW

◆ Digital part
First of all, I moved to the office of the digital department. A life-size Solar Aquarion was waiting across the entrance.

To the office while being protected behind by Solar Aqua ON. First of all, you can see the shelves with DVDs, magazines and figures.

This right side is the office of Masaharu Kawamori. It was up to this door to be seen because it was also overlapping with the preparation time of

Shoji Kawamori EXPO .

The door was decorated with colored paper by Mr.

Chisei Sanita, a draft of the Macross Δ character draft.

Work materials and mooks are gissiri in the bookshelf arranged in the L shape. It was impressive that there were many overseas travel guidebooks ' How to Walk the Earth '.

Other than the books of the company work, the books related to the Osaka Expo are also included.

In the Digital Division, a check was being conducted with the director Masashi Kawamori and director Masanori Takahashi.

The display on the left is Takahashi, and on the right is Kawamori.

Director Takahashi and General Kawamori will comment while listening to the explanation from the CG animator who did the work.

People of CG animators who listen to the comments of director Kawamori and director Takahashi.

Valkyrie was placed in three forms of battroid form, gawalk form, and fighter form for reference of movement.

Shelves where scene photos of past works have been filed.

Here are '

Kisdam ', ' Genius Party ', ' Macros F ' and ' Moretz ' space pirate Pirates Materials such as 'were gathered up.

Reference materials are also on another shelf.

Here is an example of a working environment.

A whiteboard that clearly shows where you are and a trash can that is equally divided. There is a line of burning rubbish, non-burnable rubbish, plastic bottles, bins, bins and trash cans and stockers of newspapers and magazines.

A character that has been set off on a whiteboard.

Several valkyrie lined up on this shelf.

A box was also properly left, and the one with the contents put out was stuck with an 'empty box'.


Evangelion Racing figures that were on the desk.

The air conditioner was in a form that the wind direction was carefully considered.

The production department adjacent to the digital department. Even in the production department, there may be photographs of aircraft on the wall, which may be like 'satellites'.

◆ Editing room
Then to the editing room on another floor.

On the wall of the meeting space were posters of '

Joshigami Pandola ', ' Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gail Online ' and ' Karigura '.

In addition to Normal Office Glico, 'Cool Cold Drink in Office Glico' and 'Cool Ice in Office Glico' were also introduced.

Coffee machine is also complete.

And next to that, '

The Fool ', the ' Kunnaga the Fool ', 'The Fowl'. Slightly larger than life-size, height is over 2 m.

There is an editing room at the back of the meeting space.

At the time of the editorial work, it was said that General Manager Kawamori sat in the chair in front and was doing a detailed check.

◆ Entrance
Meeting rooms are located on the second floor of the building.

Aquaron EVOL is in the entrance part.

It seems to protect the entrance.

A game machine was exhibited on the other side.

On the vending machine ...

The Dangan of '

Basquash! ' Stood with the ball.

The 5th '

Senki Zessho Symphogear XV Eciv ' Senki Zessho Symphogear ' Tapestry Starting From July 2019

Figures were displayed in the showcase.

Sheryl Nome's figure by Max Factory is a three-dimensional version of the poster illustration of 'Theatrical version Macross F The Empty Diva-Izwarinouta Hime'.

Continuing on, I was shown a studio with a drawing artist who is making a real production of the work.

・ Continuing

Visiting the anime production company 'Satellite', the site where the work is supported by 'paper' is like this-GIGAZINE

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