Amazon Launches Latest Delivery Drone Models, Deliverable in 30 Minutes 'Prime Air' Will Be Launched in Several Months


Prime Air, ' the division responsible for air transportation in Amazon , has released the latest models of drone delivery drone. Amazon has announced that it will use this drone to launch a service that delivers up to 5 pounds (about 2.3 kg) in about 30 minutes within several months.

A drone program taking flight

Amazon has done to June 7 days from June 4, 2019 M achine Learning (machine learning), A utomation (automation), R obotics (robotics), S pace (space) about the event, ' Amazon re: MARS 2019 ' So, this new drone was announced. The new drone, launched by Amazon, is a hybrid model that combines the vertical take-off ability of a helicopter with the ability to turn an airborne plane. Six propellers are mounted radially from the main unit, and the propeller circumference is protected by a cover.

Below is the visual of the new drone.

The new drone is up and down, forward and backward, in the air

rolling , yawing , pitching , such as is possible, the degree of freedom of movement in the air is 6DoF thing to be achieved. In addition, various sensors are installed, and it seems that moving objects such as helicopters can be avoided using computer vision and machine learning as well as obstacles such as chimneys, telephone lines and clothesline.

Also, a movie of the new drone flying is also available on YouTube.

Amazon Prime Air's New Delivery Drone-YouTube

What has been released is a test model of the new drone actually flying over the fields such as field. It floats up as if a drone placed on a flat ground is being caught with a string from above.

The propeller part seems to fly at about 45 degrees and level.

Turning and ......

Hovering is also possible.

Landing is also smooth. For takeoffs and landings, people, animals and grounds without obstacles are required, but the space they need can be quite small. Since the movie does not actually contain the 'sounds' driven by the drone, it is unknown how much noise will be emitted during flight.

Amazon is also working to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030, called Shipment Zero, and reports that it is better for the environment because unmanned flight drones are more efficient than cars.

Prime Air is scheduled to be launched within a few months, but availability has not been announced.

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