Microsoft Demonstrates Dual-Screen Foldable Surface Device 'Centaurus' In-house, Will It Be Within 6 Months?

by Mike Mozart

Technology Media The Verge reports to Microsoft that it is informed that 'Microsoft has conducted an in-house demonstration of a new dual-screen Surface device' from a source. In-house demos were released with a demo movie of a new device called code name ' Centaurus ', and prototype hardware was also prepared, and employees formed a long line to see Centaurus at a glance That's right.

Microsoft teases its secret dual-screen Surface device-The Verge

It has been reported that Microsoft has been developing a pocket-sized, foldable mobile terminal for use with a pen input device under the code name 'Andromeda' for several years.

Rumor that Microsoft is developing a foldable tablet that can be written to the screen with a pen terminal, is this 'Andromeda'-GIGAZINE

However, it turned out that development of pocket size device Andromeda was discontinued, and it moved to a device of larger size. In December 2018, the existence of the new dual-screen Surface device Centaurus is reported.

Surface 'Centaurus' is another dual-screen Microsoft PC with Windows Core OS | Windows Central

Microsoft has been developing Centaurus in close collaboration with Intel for approximately two years. At the time of writing, Microsoft had not officially acknowledged Andromeda and Centaurus, and it seems unusual for the Surface team to test the device extensively in-house before the device information is officially released.

While Microsoft has so far prototyped a variety of dual-screen Surface devices, showing Centaurus to many employees means that the final product is likely to be sold. The Verge pointed out. Microsoft says it has the potential to release Centaurus within six months. In addition, Centaurus is rumored to be closer to the two-screen tablet ' Courier ' whose project was discontinued in 2010 before its release, which was once developed, than Andromeda.

If Microsoft launches Centaurus, Centaurus will be the first Windows Lite- powered device. Windows Lite is a lightweight version of Windows for dual-screen devices, and competitors are Google's Chromebook and Chrome OS.

Microsoft is developing lightweight Windows 'Windows Lite' for dual screen terminal-GIGAZINE

In addition, Microsoft is considered to be a service that can continue playing games on the iOS or Android device as ' XCloud, ' which is a game streaming service under development ', and 2019 JST. The announcement at the world's largest game fair ' E3 ', which will be held from June 12, 2012, is attracting attention.

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