A movie to make 'Kimwipe guitar' with design like kimwipe like DIY

Shota Mori, a filmmaker, has created a Kimwipe guitar using the design of paper wipes Kimwipe , which is used regularly in laboratories, laboratories, factories, etc.

【DIY】 How to make 'KimWipes GUITAR' | Kimwipe Guitar-YouTube

At first we draw arch with handmade compass ......

Paint it like a Kimwipe and paste the logo.

In the side where production goes on lightly, the cat who can not get in trouble.

Attach the pickup and tailpiece.

'Zoom a humble cat,' said the cat, taken unprotected.

Attach the control knob and solder the wires.

A cat that has been fed.

The neck is also painted with green of Kimwipe ...

Paste the logo.

When I painted the body white ...

The cat's opponent until dry.

And I will go into the assembly of the body.

It seems that cats are already bored with making guitars.

Tune and ...

Completed. The production time is 10 hours.

The feature of this Kimwipe guitar is that it can store Kimwipe in the body.

Mori-san playing Kimwipe guitar normally.

It is an interesting place if the tone changes depending on how much the kimwipe is packed.

By the way, Mr. Mori started making his own guitar making channel on YouTube on May 17, 2019. Since then, we have been making original guitars every Thursday, so we have completed Starbucks guitars and McDonald guitars so far.

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