A man who took herbal tea gets hospitalized urgently with 'overdose'



Licorice is a leguminous plant that is native to the Eurasian continent and North America. It is used as a herbal medicine, and it is also used as a sweetening agent in salmiakki and root beer , making use of its unique aroma. Such licorice is known as a way of enjoying herbal tea and drinking, but as a result of elderly man drinking licorice tea, a case has been reported where he was hospitalized for 'overdose of licorice.'

Hypertensive emergency induced by licorice tea | CMAJ

Man Ends Up in the ER After 'Overdosing' on Licorice Tea

An 84-year-old man living in Canada had a systolic blood pressure measured at one time at home close to 200 mmHg, and remained well above the normal systolic blood pressure of 120 mmHg for a week. He also visited the emergency room (ER) because of symptoms such as headache and hypersensitivity to light, chest pain and fatigue, and swelling of the calf.

When he came to ER, his blood pressure was 196/66 mmHg, and his chest radiograph showed mild pulmonary edema . Men have been suffering from high blood pressure for many years, but at the medical examination 4 months before visiting ER, he maintained an appropriate blood pressure of 125/60 mmHg, and he was also taking high blood pressure drugs.

Although the cause of the sudden increase in blood pressure was unknown, the condition improved by taking amlodipine , metoprolol , hydralazine , hydrochlorothiazide , etc. In about 24 hours, men were out of danger.



I did not know why men had sudden high blood pressure, but from the results of the interview, I had one or two cups of licorice-made homemade drink called 'erk sous' every day for two weeks before being admitted for high blood pressure. It turned out that I was taking enough. erk sous is said to be a popular Egyptian drink that Muslims prefer to quench their thirst during Ramadan (fasting) .

Licorice contains a strong sweet ingredient called glycyrrhizin . According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) , the action of glycyrrhizin may cause high blood pressure .

The FDA has identified cases of patients complaining of problems such as high blood pressure and swelling after eating licorice candy called black licorice. If you are 40 years old or older, keep eating 2 ounces (about 57 g) or more of black licorice per day for 2 weeks, and be careful not to overeat licorice as there is a risk of being hospitalized due to arrhythmia etc. Is urging.

by Susanne Nilsson

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