Sony releases performance comparison movie of next-generation game console 'PlayStation 5' at event, processing performance 10 times that of PS4 Pro

Sony, on May 21, 2019 Sony IR Day 2019 (the announcement briefing), which was held in the (fire), often development

rumors was referring to the next generation of game hardware, which has been 'PlayStation 5'. In addition, it is reported that a movie that shows how to compare the performance of PlayStation 4 Pro and next-generation hardware is also shown.

Sony Global-Sony IR Day 2019

At Sony's financial results presentation session, the performance performance of the current PlayStation 4 Pro and the next-generation PlayStation 5 were compared using the popular PlayStation 4 software Marvel's SPIDER-MAN . Michizuki Michizuki of the Wall Street Journal has published what shot the performance comparison video that flowed in the presentation on the account on his Twitter account, and Spiderman passed through the building at a tremendous speed. On some occasions, it can be seen that the building that is rendered and flows to the background appears clearly in the next-generation hardware, whereas in the PlayStation 4, the building looks vaguely vague.

Which is the current model PlayStation 4 Pro , compared with the normal PlayStation 4 to 2.1GHz from the clock frequency of the CPU is 1.6GHz, GPU alone at 1.84T FLOPS capacity and transfer rate of expansion was the will to 4.20TFLOPS, further storage The high-end models also improved. According to the materials of the financial results presentation that has been published, it is said that the loading time that takes 8.1 seconds with such PlayStation 4 Pro has been reduced to about one tenth that of the next-generation device under development, at a whopping 0.83 seconds. about.

And we announced that the next-generation model is compatible with Blu-ray disc media as well as PlayStation 4. However, in PlayStation 4 the game was released by 'disk' and 'download', but it seems that the next-generation machine also supports game streaming.

On May 16, 2019, Sony just announced that it had a strategic alliance with Microsoft on cloud gaming and AI.

Sony and Microsoft have strategic alliance in cloud gaming and AI field, new platform for developers-GIGAZINE

In the interview of WIRED, Sony has already revealed details such as 'the latest CPU, GPU' 'SSD' 'Compatibility with PlayStation 4' 'Raytracing' '8K correspondence' '3D audio' of next-generation hardware The On the other hand, we have not disclosed the date and time, prices, countries and regions to be released, and specific titles.

However, since Sony has listed “the driving force behind engagement and revenue for the next three years” as an important role of the current PlayStation 4 in IR Day, at least until 2021 the business centered on PlayStation 4 It is thought to expand the model.

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