It is inscribed in genes that humans keep dogs



Studies have shown that dogs have been human partners since 33,000 years, so it is sometimes said that dogs are the oldest and best human friends . Although it is the relation between such a human and a dog, it became clear that not only domesticated dogs but also humans have ' genes to keep dogs '.

Evidence of large genetic influences on dog ownership in the Swedish Twin Registry has implications for understanding domestication and health associations | Scientific Reports

Owning a dog is influenced by our genetic make-up-ScienceDaily

The group that has clarified the relationship between dog keeping and human genes is the research group of Professor Tove Fall and others studying molecular epidemiology at Uppsala University in Sweden. The research group first collated the twin data registered in the Swedish Twin Registry with the data from dog owners owned by the Swedish Agricultural Agency and the Swedish Kennel Club .

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As a result, out of the 93,524 twins who were adults, we found that 8503 had a dog. Furthermore, analysis focusing on differences between identical twins with the same gene and dizygotic twins with different genes revealed that it was found that dogs with the same gene had a higher probability of having the same twins. Of.

As for the results of this study, Fall says, “The result is that the gene has a major impact on whether or not you have a dog. It is because it has not been completely elucidated yet what kind of influence it has on human health.

Also, co-author of the paper and archeologist Keith Dobney said, 'The years and years of archeological research have made it possible to know when and how a dog meets a human being, but researching genetic data By saying, “Why, how will you come to know?” He said, suggesting that a new perspective was added to research on the relationship between dogs and people.

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