Moss most hot 'super hot teriyaki chicken burger' actual food review using Guinness-class hot pepper

Mos Burger's ' Past Teriyaki Chicken Burger ', which has been described as 'the most painful in Mos Burger history,' will appear on Thursday, May 23, 2019. Extremely spicy chicken burgers are using the pepper “ Trinidad Scorpion Bucci Taylor ” whose pepper index “ Scoville value ” is about 300 times that of jalapeno as a sauce 'It's the hardest?' As I was able to eat for a while at a press event, I actually ate how much it was.

'Most hotest in history' burger with the world's strongest hot peppers! Newly launched 'super hot teriyaki chicken burger'-Renewal of the basic product 'teriyaki chicken burger'-

An original shake using tea leaves from Shibushi city, Kagoshima, 'Mazuru Shake horonaga tea leaves from Matcha Shibushi city'-Newly released as a standard product from May 23, 2019 (Thu)

Arrive at Mos Burger.

Next to the seats for the press, there were signs of “Make the Shake in the mouth, use green tea from Matcha Shibushi City”, “Setouchi Happiness Lemon Ginger Ale” and the “Teriyaki Chicken Burger” to be renewed.

On the wall is a hanging banner that appeals to the 'super hot teriyaki chicken burger' ...

Next to that, there was an exhibition of ' trinidad scorpion butch taylor ' , a super hot pepper used in the hot Teriyaki chicken burger sauce.

Trinidad Scorpion Bucci Taylor was once recorded in the Guinness World Record as 'the world's hotest pepper', but in 2013 he surrendered it to Carolina Reaper . In fact, some are reddish, while others are somewhat orange.

Next to Trinidad Scorpion Bucci Taylor, there was a small disclaimer in which the text 'Please do not open the lid after Danger' was drawn with a ticker.

The contents are the dried powder of Trinidad scorpion butch Taylor, and it is with this powder that is actually contained in the burger. This cautionary note is put because it is dangerous when it is opened when it is opened.

When I tried to find out the truth, I was stopped. 'Please don't touch it with your bare hands,' he gave me vinyl gloves.

Wear vinyl gloves and try to take the fruit. Trinidad Scorpion Bucci Taylor is said to have been named 'Scorpion' because the point of the real tip resembles the tail of a scorpion. If you look close to the nose, the vinegar-like vinegar smells like a shishito-like aroma, but the 'spiky aroma' weakens. However, it does become tearful eyes while smelling what kind of inside of the nasal cavity is stimulated.

In the meantime, the ' super hot teriyaki chicken burger ' (tax-included 390 yen) has been carried.

Not only oversized teriyaki chicken, but also the upper buns can be seen with plenty of spicy sauce.

Well, let's eat it.

When you try it, you can feel the flavor of the sauce with a crispy flavor with a vinegar of Trinidad Scorpion Bucci Taylor added. At first, it's about 'too hot', but it gets stronger gradually as time goes by, and at the end it changes into 'stimulation' and controls the mouth. I can not recommend it to people who are not good at it because of the intense hotness, but it is not enough to eat. It was the impression that the umami of the moist baked Teriyaki chicken was felt when overcoming the hotness, and the hotness and taste were both compatible.

In addition, the hotness of the extremely hot teriyaki chicken burger is felt more intensely when eating is finished and the mouth is empty than while in the mouth. Whether the aroma of source Trinidad Scorpion Bucci Taylor reaches the nose, it is finished eating, but the claim continues, and after eating, I would like to drink a drink. The Seto Inland Sea tried to neutralize it with a refreshing taste of lemon ginger ale , but after drinking, the lips and tongue were still on the back of the train.

In addition, because ' Teriyaki chicken burger ' (tax-included 360 yen) is also renewed, I will try to eat here as well.

The new teriyaki chicken burger has evolved into a sauce that has been put on the grilled chicken, which is sandwiched as patties, and that has a soy sauce flavor. When I try to eat it, it is a burger that is compatible with soy sauce with sour sauce and sour mayonnaise. The crisp texture of lettuce is accented.

Compared to the pre-renew Teriyaki chicken burger, the sauce after the re-new was strong in sweetness, and it was clear that the sweet and spicy taste was clear.

Finally, I will drink ' Make the Shake Shake Horoniga Matcha Tea from Shibushi City '. In addition to the M size offered (360 yen including tax), the S size (290 yen including tax) can be ordered.

Shake Shrimp in the mix Shake green tea is the drink body of Moss's vanilla shake and green tea is in the bottom. It is said that the green tea used is the same tea leaf as Dolce green tea chocolate .

Before drinking, stir the powdered green tea in the bottom with a spoon.

As it mixes, the green tea at the bottom blends in with the vanilla shake ...

A dark green gradation is created in the white.

It was a perfect cold drink for the coming season, when you drink moderately mixed and you can feel the good bitterness of Matcha and the gentle sweetness of Shake at the same time. In addition, it is possible to order as a set drink by setting the price to plus 80 yen. It is also recommended to order together to cool down the hot mouth in the extremely hot Teriyaki Chicken Burger.

'Super hot teriyaki chicken burgers' 'Mazeru Shake ほ シ ェ イ ク 抹 抹 茶 茶 茶 tea leaves used' and the renewed リ ヤ リ ヤ ガ ー バ ー chicken burgers can be purchased from Mos Burgers in Japan excluding some stores from May 23, 2019 (Thursday) .

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