Intel and Qualcomm also stop trading with Huawei, Android support for Huawei products extends until August


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US President Donald Trump has signed a presidential decree saying 'prohibits trading of foreign products with information communication risks', and Huawei has been suspected of spying for a long time now We can not install OS, Android that we develop. It is reported that such Huawei sieving network has spread to chip makers such as Intel and Qualcomm .

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The US government claims that 'Huawei is making backdoors to products and helping Chinese government spies,' and accelerated the Huawei exclusion movement by signing a presidential decree. As Huawei and its 68 subsidiaries have been trade blacklisted, Google will stop Android support for Huawei, and it is expected that Google services will not be available on future Huawei devices.

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But after that, Google launched a temporary license to 'extend support until August 19, 2019 for Huawei products released before May 16, 2019'. This will allow existing Huawei products to receive Android software updates, vulnerability patches, and more for as long as three months.

However, this measure is only temporary and does not indicate the resumption of transactions between Google and Huawei. Mr. Wilber Ross says the temporary license is a grace period for existing Huawei users and organizations, and allows them to consider the option of switching to another company's products during that period.

In response to the Android support suspension measures, Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services for its products. 'Huawei has made a significant contribution to Android development and growth around the world. As one of Android's major global partners, we have worked closely together to develop an ecosystem that benefits users and the industry. 'Said Huawei.


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On the other hand, not only Google that has decided to stop trading with Huawei, but also chip manufacturers Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx , Broadcom, and other supply chains will 'stop trading with Huawei until new notice is given to employees. 'I told you that.' Bloomberg has said that chipmakers will not only lose the few percent of revenue they have gained from trading with Huawei, but they may be hit even more.

'Huawei is heavily dependent on American semiconductor companies, so stopping the deal with the United States is a serious problem,' said Ryan Koontz, an analyst at Rosenblatt Securities. While Huawei plays a major role in the 5th generation mobile communication system (5G) deployment, the suspension with the chip maker may delay Huawei 5G deployment.

There are few cheap competitors other than Huawei in the field of 5G, and the delay in 5G deployment by Huawei may hinder the spread of 5G worldwide. The impact is expected to extend to fields such as smartphones, network devices and autonomous vehicles that use 5G technology, and pointed out that Bloomberg could hit a broad range of industries, not just chip makers that have a deal with Huawei. .

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