The story of two boy hackers who walked a totally different fate

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In October 1983, an 18-year-old boy and a 14-year-old boy were subjected to an FBI home investigation for alleged hacking. The two men who belonged to the hacker group “The Inner Circle” formed by teenagers living in the United States, but their fate after being subjected to a family investigation by the FBI were completely different. The writer Matt Novak who interviewed these two men describes the life of the two men who have been linked by PC technology and knowledge.

The Untold Story of the Teen Hackers Who Transformed the Early Internet

◆ In the case of a building
On October 12, 1983, when the 18-year-old Bill Lundres called Chris on the hacked telephone line as usual, Chris was in a state of “dooming,” “Now the FBI has been pushing my house. 'Don't call me again.' This is the last word Bill and Chris have exchanged. Bill was arrested by the FBI the following day.

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Bill's parents live a semi- hippy life, and in particular, the father was like going from home in San Diego, California to the suburbs of Los Angeles to collect LSD and cocaine . For this reason, despite the fact that Chris was being heard from Chris the day before, even when 12 FBI agents surrounded the house, who in the house would be arrested would have an idea of the building at that time? It was not there.

When Bill was arrested in 1983, there was no law to directly judge the hacking itself. Nevertheless, Bill's conviction was extended by the extended interpretation of the Telecommunications Act, and he was sentenced to $ 87 (about 20,000 yen at the then rate) and a 3-year probation. After the incident, Bill's family moved to Alaska, but when Bill left the family and rolled into a California friend's home, she enrolled in the University of California. However, the student life did not last long, and he became insane as well as money, and Bill will publish a book called ' Out of the Inner Circle: A Hacker's Guide to Computer Security ' in 1985 by the recommendation of a friend.

This book became a bestseller, so I could live for about two years with royalties, but once my money ran out, I used to live in the streets of San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, etc., changing positions. In addition, he has been suffering from mental illness for many years and seems to take a tranquilizer and medical cannabis.

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When Novak asked Chris about questions, Bill said, 'I've never met Chris directly, and I haven't contacted him since then.' Still, I am still remembering the friendships I have developed through the telephone line.

◆ For Chris
On October 15, 1983, the FBI said, “A group of the Pentagon who has invaded ARPANET and has suffered a total of 500,000 to 1 million (equivalent to 116 million to 232 million yen in Japanese yen at that time) to be a leader 'the Cracker' was to identify the person named ' announcement was. However, the FBI conducted a family investigation and seized a PC etc. and did not arrest 'The Cracker' and did not announce the name or address.

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This 'The Cracker' is Chris at the time, 14 years old. The FBI was unable to make an arrest or prosecution, as Chris and his accomplices were so young and sympathetic to the public.

Actually, the name Chris is not a real name either. The life that Chris told Nobaku by phone with the promise 'I will not reveal the true identity' was a perfect sail. Chris said in a laugh to Nobaku, 'I was very popular in the school and I made a lot of girlfriends. Yes, I was really good at it.' Chris then built a house in the suburbs of Detroit and has a family, and although he avoided specific business statements, he said, 'I'm in a PC-related job.'

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In addition, the Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (the Act on Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act), which first prescribed hacking in the United States, was enacted in 1984, the year after Bill was arrested. It was.

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