The battleship Missouri Memorial, in which the world's largest battleship with a total length of 270 meters in total became a memorial, tells the history of the twentieth century with incomparable power

The US Navy battleship

Missouri , who fought through World War II, the Korean War, the Gulf War and the late 20th century of the turmoil, has been preserved as the “ Sailship Missouri Memorial Ship ” at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii as of 2019. I was able to take a tour of the real battleship Missouri in the movie ' Battleship ', so I really took a walk and took photos with Bashabasha.

Pearl Harbor (Oahu Pearl Harbor) Battleship Missouri Memorial Hall

On Oahu, Hawaii, there is a public bus 'The Bus'. To reach the Battleship Missouri Memorial, take the 20th or 42nd bus from Daniel K. Inoue International Airport (formerly Honolulu International Airport). The nearest bus stop is Arizona Memorial.

Get off the bus stop and cross the pedestrian crossing ...

Arrive at Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

I saw two big missiles with 'USNAVY' written in the distance.

Enter the Visitor Center through the front gate. You can pass through here for free, but you are not permitted to carry your luggage.

The Pearl Harbor Memorial area is a military facility, and strict anti-terrorism measures are taken. Therefore, the package needs to be stored in 'Baggage Storage' on the right of the front gate.

The price is $ 5 (approximately 550 yen) per package. He also carried a medium-sized carry bag on the day, but he did not have any problems. At this time, I forgot to keep in mind the small shoulder bag I always wore, but I received the attention from the staff when entering the memorial, so it is necessary to leave all the luggage regardless of the size. It seems there is.

If you leave the package, you will be issued a redemption ticket. 'Please note that you will not be able to exchange this ticket if you lose it,' said a receptionist.

Leave your luggage and go to the memorial area.

At the end of the counter, viewing passes for each memorial are sold. The viewing pass for the Battleship Missouri Memorial is $ 29 for adults (approximately 3200 yen) and $ 13 for children (approximately 1400 yen).

To the Battleship Missouri Memorial, you need to take the free shuttle bus from the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. It was a bit confusing to see where the shuttle bus platform is, but it was on the right at the front gate and further back on the side of the Baggage Storage building.

This is a shuttle bus. It is possible to go to the Battleship Missouri Memorial and

Pearl Harbor Pacific Aviation Museum , the battleship Oklahoma monument sunk by the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. Because the shuttle bus runs in military facilities, it is prohibited to shoot anything on the car, so be careful.

It took about 6 to 7 minutes and arrived at the entrance gate of the Battleship Missouri Memorial Hall.

Getting out of the bus and immediately jumping into the eye is the appearance of a huge battleship. It was impressive that the people who visited involuntarily looked up and said 'O' to that much impact.

At the side of the entrance was a statue of Marshal

Chester Nimitz, commander of the US Pacific Fleet during World War II.

The battleship Missouri has a total length of 270m. It was the world's largest battleship in existence, so the whole view was so huge that it could not fit into the frame even if it was taken to the last minute.

In front of the battleship, there were various flags and images with the motif of the famous photograph '

Kiss of victory ' that symbolizes the end of World War II.

At the Battleship Missouri Memorial, you can actually board the battleship Missouri. Quickly cross the bridge to the deck.

There was a receptionist soon after crossing the deck. Here you can ask for a guide for free, and of course you can also guide in Japanese.

First of all, go down on the deck. It is the huge 50 caliber 40.6 cm cannon that is the first to catch the eye.

Compared to the local elementary school students who were visiting in the sitting social studies tour, the hugeness is clearly understood.

The deck is covered with wood decks, and although many are being repaired, some are still being used more than 70 years ago. At the end of the deck, there is a waist-high fence, just covered by the net. With a little bit of effort, the sea of Hawaii is expanding.

Machine guns were installed alongside the fence.

The machine gun was able to actually touch, move and look in. The image below shows a view of Pearl Harbor through a gun sight.

For machine guns installed on the port side ...

There was a helmet worn by the soldiers. It is heavy and heavy because it is made of a thick iron plate, so it is hard to hold it with one hand.

Other Gatling guns and ...


I was able to see the

Phalanx soon.

The chain connecting the battleship Missouri and the port is ...

It looks like this close up. One of the chains of chains is huge.

In 'Battleship', there was a scene where the

battleship drift was decided using this huge chain and Kairi in the final battle with the alien mother ship.

What is drawn on the wall is the silhouette of Kuwait and the characters 289. This is the number of shells fired from the battleship Missouri during the Gulf War.

While walking on the deck, I found a plate embedded in the floor.

This plate commemorates Japan's surrender in the Pacific War. The battleship Missouri is the place where the signing ceremony of the Japanese surrender document was held in 1945, and at that time the sign was made just above this plate.

This flag is a replica of the American flag raised by the black ship that Perry came to Japan in 1853. At the signing ceremony, the Perry flag was raised on the battleship Missouri.

In addition, a replica of the surrendered document was also on display. In the surrendered document, a representative of Canada made a mistake in the place to sign, and the Japanese delegation at that time called for re-writing, 'If it is a miswritten document, it will not pass the deliberation'. However, it is said that the party has been corrected by handwriting without passing because the celebration has already begun. It is clear that one sign box is blank and the title of each country representative that follows is corrected by handwriting.

And the stairs next to the showcase where the surrender documents are on display are where Marshal

Douglas MacArthur, who was then the commander of the Allied Forces, came down.

In addition, one end of the battleship Missouri that conveys the Pacific War to the present day is a distortion on this side. This is the trace that a Japanese

zero-class fighter on the ground attacked when the battleship Missouri went to Okinawa.

The footprints left on the deck are ...

It indicates the location where a soldier was standing when the Japanese pilot of this attack aircraft carried out water burial. There was a strong opposition from the crew to formally host soldiers in the enemy country, but it was said that the Missouri captain of that time was forced to do it because it was a soldier who had completed his mission and completed his mission. .

Battleship Missouri can tour not only the deck but also the inside. When I open the door on the deck ...

Steep stairs that continue inside.

When you get down, it's a dining room. The children who came to the social studies visit were energetically talking.

Pass by the snack stand ...

I will go inside. Inside the battleship, pipes and wires run through the walls, and the walls separating the areas have heavy airtight doors.

The first display area to reach is the United Nations flag or ...

A lot of valuable materials were exhibited, such as the general view of Battleship Missouri.

Continue through the exhibition area as it goes.

Battleship Missouri has a total length of 270 m. It is a residential area centered on the dining room that you can visit.

The mugs of successive superiors lined up on the wall.

This is an upper-dedicated seat in the lounge.

In the kitchen ......

It was reproduced that a lot of bread was baked.

As there was a signboard saying 'Don't miss the donut shop,' look back ...

A lot of donuts were fried. There are a number of dining rooms in a large battleship, but even after a long distance from land, the richness of the United States of America was glimpsed at a place where a wide variety of food and drink behave like land.

This is the workroom. The lathe was placed and I was able to make the necessary parts on the spot.

The classroom is a row of chairs ...

Computer center. A huge Apple logo sticker was on the door.

It seems that lectures such as programming were being conducted, and textbooks and files were lined up on the bookshelf.

In addition, a computer was installed in the next room. The battleship Missouri was built during World War II and retired in 1992. After the Korean War, he had been temporarily retired, but the Battleship Missouri was re-commissioned and dispatched in the Gulf War where the modern war on which the computer was active was deployed. At that time, it seems that a large number of computers were introduced into the ship.

This is a residential area. Although there is no choice because of limited space, the three-tiered bed is sized to allow one adult man to lie just beside him. If you are a group customer, you can also stay in advance by making a reservation.

The desk in the residence area was painted so that soldiers could play chess and backgammon in their free time.

In addition, it is said that the steel frame passing through the residential area is not just a pillar, but the inside is a path for carrying bullets of a 50 caliber 40.6 cm gun installed on the deck.

In the back of the residential area, a doctor's office that can perform dental treatment and ...

There was also a post office.

Going further from the post office ......

I was able to climb the bridge. The battleship Missouri navigation system is concentrated here.

Seat for the captain who was on the bridge. It was not possible for a general visitor to sit on this fine leather seat, and the rope was stretched.

The view from the bridge is like this. You can see 3 x 2 50 caliber 40.6 cm guns side by side.

This is how I looked at the bridge from below. It is a 38 caliber 5-inch gun that is visible in the foreground.

Tour the deck, the inside of the battleship, and the bridge, and it takes about an hour and half. Of the 270-metre-long battleships, only a small number have been released, but they still proved impressive. The image below is a shop called 'Battleshop' that was just off the battleship Missouri.

Hot dogs ($ 3, approx. ¥ 330) were also sold in the shuttle bus area. A voluminous hot dog with huge sausages in soft bread is perfect for filling the belly after a tour.

Take the bus again and return to the visitor center. As I was crawling around the bus stop, rough data such as the results of the Pacific War were posted.

Also, a huge torpedo model and ...

There were also models of missiles that were intriguing from the outside of the visitor center.

In addition, there is a monument of a warship moored to Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor in the square along the coast of Visitor Center ...

I saw that the submarine

Bowfin was moored over that.

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