'Thinking about coffee' may increase awareness and allow you to think more specifically

There are many people who feel refreshed and feel better when they drink coffee. There is also research that even if you don't actually drink coffee, '

smelling off the smell of coffee ' will make the brain work more active, but researchers just increase their awareness just by 'thinking about coffee' I found that I could be able to think more specifically.

Coffee cues elevate arousal and reduce level of construal-ScienceDirect

Being Prompted To Think About Coffee Elevates Your Physiological Arousal And Focuses Your Mind, No Ingestion Required – Research Digest
https://digest.bps.org.uk/2019/04/12/being-prompted-to-think-about-coffee-elevates-your-physiological-arousal-and-focuses-your-mind-no-ingestion- required /

Eugene Chan, a marketing researcher at Monash University and Sam Maglio's associate professor of psychology at the University of Toronto , experimented to see if just thinking about coffee could affect people.

A total of several hundred people participated in the experiments conducted both online and in the laboratory, and no drinks such as actual coffee were used in the experiments. Participants in the experiment were divided into groups and given the task of thinking about coffee or tea.

One group was made to think of a slogan promoting coffee and another group was made to think of a slogan promoting tea. There are also groups that read articles about the benefits of drinking coffee or tea, and that each has created a context for thinking about coffee or tea.

After that, in order to measure the degree of psychological alertness of the participants, the research team reported self-reported high alertness, vitality, excitement, etc. to the participants and also measured the participant's heart rate. . In addition, in order to measure the 'interpretation level', which is a measure of how specifically things can be considered, we tested and measured whether we thought various things specifically or abstractly. .

As a result, participants who were made to think about coffee were found to have higher self-reported and heart rate based alertness compared to participants who were made to think about tea. Furthermore, in terms of interpretation level, participants who thought about coffee showed more specific and focused thinking.

According to the researchers, the rise in awareness and cognitive changes caused by thinking about coffee were only observed in participants who had lived in Canada and the United States since their childhood. The impact of coffee was not confirmed for participants who migrated from East Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, and China.

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About the results, the researchers say, 'Food and drinks are not only intended to provide nutrition and pleasure through actual eating and drinking, but they can affect people only by thinking about their minds.' On the other hand, in this experiment, coffee and tea are only compared to the last, and it is not 'it has the effect of making people wake up and make concrete thinking' to think of coffee, 'it is to think of black tea. There is also the possibility that the effect is to calm people and make them think abstractly.

Chan and Maglio also acknowledged that this study requires continuous follow-up, saying that 'We are waiting for further studies to reproduce the basic effects we have found.' You

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