This is the recommended toy fireworks in 2019, children have seen the 'Toy Fireworks Contest 2019' of the judges

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toy fireworks that children and adults can enjoy, such as sparklers and jet fireworks, but even urban parks are banned and regulations become stricter and there is less chance for children to touch toy fireworks. Therefore, children can participate as judges on April 29, 2019 in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, where a large number of toy fireworks manufacturing companies and toy fireworks wholesalers gather, saying, 'Are children to experience toy fireworks through the event!' A toy fireworks contest was held. I have actually seen what toy fireworks are being judged and how.

Toy fireworks contest

The place is the Kamogawa riverbed near Okazaki Park in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture.

◆ City of fireworks · Okazaki
Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, where the toy fireworks contest was held this time, is a city of fireworks that is full of toy fireworks and fireworks dealers who handle a serious launch. One such company, Sano Fireworks Store , has a store that sells toy fireworks on a 24/7 basis.

On the other hand,

Achiha Fireworks Shop Co. , Ltd. has more than 20 large warehouses for storing toy fireworks, and toy fireworks will be transported to fireworks stores across the country from here.

A large number of toy fireworks carried in containers from overseas are being carried to the warehouse.

In Okazaki City, where many fireworks companies gather in this way, fireworks companies cooperate with each other, and exhibit at toy fireworks classrooms and events. The toy fireworks contest we report this time is one of the initiatives we started to make everyone more aware of toy fireworks.

◆ Toy fireworks contest 2019
Arrive at the venue where the toy fireworks contest will be held.

At the headquarters, toy fireworks entering the contest were lined up. This time, 40 pieces of toy fireworks have entered.

Each product is divided into four categories: hand-held fireworks, launch fireworks, squirt fireworks, and other categories, and each category is reviewed.

Thirty minutes before the start of the contest, general participants who participated as contest judges began to gather. The participants for this day are approximately 120 people, including a fireworks expert and a family of children's judges, and about 300 people, including the gallery.

The contest is finally started. It is still bright around, but it is the start from examination of fireworks that can be enjoyed even in the daytime.

Fujika Co., Ltd. 's product 'Fuing Kumakosan' has the sound of pong when it is lit ...

A bear stuffed toy has popped out.

In examination of hand-held fireworks, we divide into groups of ten people and examine while actually experiencing toy fireworks.

The specialized staff will teach you how to set and hold each toy fireworks.

There were children who were relaxed about the first hand-held fireworks, and some children enjoyed fireworks with a feeling of getting used to it, and the reaction varied.

As departments other than hand-held fireworks are dangerous when approaching, children return to the original seat and examine.

In the case of examination of large-scale Niagara fireworks, children's reaction 'slightly without fire' and severe reaction. The staff put on a burner and all fireworks were lit safely.

After announcement of work of contest, it was plan of demonstration, toy fireworks class, mini-firework, but to continue to carry out demonstration and mini-firework because it began to rain.

The mini fireworks display uses a large amount of toy fireworks to produce a fireworks display. The fireworks that were prepared in advance are lit at the back of the venue.

You can see the state of the mini fireworks display using the toy fireworks by the following movie.

Mini fireworks display using toy fireworks 【Toy fireworks contest 2019】-YouTube

There is no device to light automatically, and the staff is directing and lighting each toy fireworks at the same time.

After the last fireworks show, applause will come from the venue. It was how to use the luxury toy fireworks, but I felt like I came to see a real fireworks display.

The results of the 2019 Toy Fireworks Contest are as follows:

◆ Handheld fireworks section
・ Winning: Kyushu Charcoal ( Tsutsui Toshimasa Toy Fireworks Factory Ltd. )
It is the hand-held fireworks that the first cheers were rising even in the contest. A large number of reddish-brown sparks are fireworks that reproduce the hand-held fireworks that have long been known in Japan as Japanese fires.

Kyushu Charcoal Fire [Toy Fireworks Contest 2019 Hand-held Fireworks Category Winner]-YouTube

・ Runner-up: Tako Odori (Sanshu Koko Co., Ltd.)
The winning work of 2018. It was fun for the children to move as if fireworks were dancing by the expansion and contraction of the spring.

Tako Odori [Toy Fireworks Contest 2019 Hand-held Fireworks Division runner-up]-YouTube

◆ squirt fireworks section
・ Succeeded by: Takeryuden Sixteen Shoku ( Ota Smoke Company, Ltd. )
It was evaluated that a lot of sparks blew up with a big bee, and there was more momentum and the amount of sparks than other products.

龍 十-YouTube

・ Runner-up: Rampage rolling ( Ibaraki Seiki Co., Ltd. )
It's a two-stage fireworks that can be enjoyed in two stages: another fireworks that turns at high speed appears after the fireworks spew.

Raging Rolling-YouTube

◆ Launch fireworks section
・ Winning: Yamato Tama (Hota Paper Co., Ltd.)
Like a fireworks display fireworks, you can see the course from the launch to the bursting of the fireworks.


Runner-up: Flower Windmill (Hoda Paper Co., Ltd.)
After the fired fireworks open, a rotating fireworks appears like a windmill.

Flower windmill-YouTube

◆ Other fireworks section
・ Winning: New thrilling waterfall (Inoue Toy Smoker Co., Ltd.)
It is a large work fireworks that needs to be hung on the clothesline and it burns for a long time like a real Niagara firework. It is a powerful fireworks with much more of the sound of 'toy fireworks'.

New thrilling waterfall 【Toy fireworks contest 2019 and other category championship】-YouTube

・ Runner-up: Otorozu Rocket Gold ( Inatoku Smoke Plant, Inc. )
The rocket fireworks that move up with the sound of the roar are now fireworks that you have less chance to see.

Sound entering 笛 rocket gold [toy fireworks contest 2019 other section runner-up]-YouTube

There are fewer opportunities to experience toy fireworks due to regulations, such as the ban on fireworks in the park, but by carrying out such an event, everyone can enjoy toy fireworks safely. Even if you say 'toy fireworks' in a word, how to play and beauty are completely different, you should know its attractiveness by actually playing for the hand. There is a toy fireworks experience event in Kawamisato-cho, Nishinashishiro-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture, where “ Shinmei Fireworks ” will be held on June 1, 2019. It is worthwhile to go there.

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