Apple Pay payment possible just by bringing the iPhone close to the sticker with NFC tag



It has been announced that Apple Pay supports payments with small NFC tags . As a result, payment can be completed simply by bringing a small tagged sticker close to an Apple Pay compatible device such as an iPhone.

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Un tag NFC signé Apple pour payer facilement et très rapidement avec Apple Pay | iGeneration

Jennifer Bailey, Vice President of the Apple Pay Division, at Apple Tech's ' Transact conference ' event on May 13, 2019, reveals that Apple Pay is ready to accept NFC tag payments Did. As a result, just by bringing an Apple Pay-compatible terminal close to the NFC tag, it is possible to make payment such as a charge without separately installing the service application to be paid.

The iPhone already supported reading of NFC from iOS 11 , but in order to make a payment with Apple Pay, it was necessary to have a dedicated reading terminal connected to a cash register etc. for use.

Summarizing that Apple Pay started and noticed

The corresponding services so far are the electric scooter sharing service Bird , apparel maker Bonobos , and parking fee payment platform PayByPhone . Specifically, it is possible to pay and purchase by simply holding the iPhone over the parking meters on the streets provided by each service, the electric scooters placed at the stations, and the clothes tags in the clothing store. It is.

ApplePay's support for NFC tags is scheduled for the second half of 2019, and detailed information is expected to be announced at the ' WWDC ' developer event for Apple held on June 3, 2019. .

'Imagine iOS developer app developer Steve Moster who attended the TRANSACT conference,' Imagine paying a bill without having to install the app in advance, just by holding the smartphone over a shareride scooter or parking meter. Will be possible 'and tweet.

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