That 'Butakimu' is roasted with black pepper, roasted garlic and ace cock 'super cup 1.5 times butakim ramen spicy BLACK' tasting review of ace cook 'double the hotness and effectiveness doubled'

From Acecock on May 13th, 2019, “ Super Cup 1.5x Buta Kim Ramen Spicy BLACK ” has appeared featuring a black soup that is the sister product of the standard product “Pig Kimchi Cup Noodle”. Buta Kim Ramen Spicy BLACK is based on the taste of pork kimchi ramen with soy sauce, and it is a cup noodle made with roasted black pepper, charred garlic, pepper and other spices, so you can actually eat it. The

Super Cup 1.5x Buta Kim Ramen Spicy BLACK | Products | Ace Cook Co., Ltd.

This is 'Super Cup 1.5 times Buta Kim Ramen Spicy BLACK'.

The standard pig kim was red base, but there is only 'spicy BLACK' and it is a black package.

Kimchi is drawn on top of the noodles in the image. Spicy BLACK is based on Ace Cook's standard product 'Pig Kimchi Cup Noodle'.

Calories are 459 kcal per meal.

If you look at the raw material name, there is no description of 'black pepper' and 'garlic'. Black pepper and garlic may be included in 'spice' and 'spice extract'.

When I opened the package, it contained kakaku, powdered soup, and seasoning oil.

At first, add the mashed and powdered soup.

The spicy flavor of the chili peppers has drifted from the haze.

Pour hot water to the inner line. The amount of hot water needed is about 500 ml.

Wait 3 minutes while warming with seasoning oil on the lid.

After 3 minutes, add seasoning oil. Seasoning oil has a black color.

Stir well and complete.

This is how the completed Buta Kim Ramen Spicy BLACK is. The edge of the soup is full of black seasoning oil, but the portion other than the edge has a mixed color of milky white and black seasoning oil.

When I eat it, I can feel the umami and richness of the base soy sauce with soy sauce that is comparable to the flavor of black pepper and garlic. It is said that the package is 'black and hot', but while the spicy 'spicy' of black pepper is felt strongly, the peppery 'spiky' is not felt so strong. When you drink the soup, you can enjoy the pepper's stimulation that makes the inside of the mouth be firm. The crispy Chinese cabbage kimchi was accented occasionally.

Compared with the usual “Super Cup 1.5 times pork kimchi ramen super addictive pig kim oil finish”, the umami and richness of tonkotsu soy sauce are common to both sides, but it is the impression that the spicyness of this pig kim ramen spicy BLACK stands out. There was no spicy but on the other hand, if you wanted to enjoy kimchi's salty taste and tonic taste, it was the impression that it was ordinary pork kim.

The “Super Cup 1.5x Buta Kim Ramen Spicy BLACK” can be purchased at retail stores such as supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from May 13, 2019, and the suggested retail price is ¥ 205 excluding tax.

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