A technology that cuts off your favorite characters

Since ' Technology for cutting Okada ', which allows you to enter your favorite characters and cut the spa with a mouse, has been released, I used it right away.

Technology to cut Okada


When you access the above URL, the word 'Technology to cut Okada' will appear suddenly. In addition, although it displayed correctly in Chrome, it did not display correctly in Edge, IE, and Firefox.

If you tap and swipe around the character or move it by clicking and holding the left mouse button, the character will be broken.

It is possible to cut with the spa many times. The cut characters spread and scatter as they are.

If it becomes too shattered and shattered, click the 'RUN' button at the bottom right to restore the text.

Also, if you enter your favorite character in the lower right input field and then click the 'RUN' button ...

The character appears.

You can break any character.

It is also possible to line up the characters and stack them in any number of rows.

It also supports characters with a large number of strokes. However, if you enter too many characters, the operation will be slow.

It is just a piece of work that 'cuts the text,' but it is realized by advanced technology and extraordinary efforts that make full use of the physics engine. The track of the obsession can be seen on the author's blog posted on Qiita , a technical information sharing service for programmers.

The author, robokomy , has tweeted in a disappointing way about how long the years and the results of the struggle were shaped.

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