'Puru Shari Pine Jelly' and 'Puru Shari Wenzhou Orange Jelly' tasting review, where it is possible to become a Sherbet of Shari Shari and also a Supple Jelly, and supplementing salt.

' Puru Shari Pine Jelly ' and ' Puru Shari Wenzhou Orange Jelly ', which can be chilled to become a jelly beverage and frozen to become a sorbet and have two textures, have been released on April 15, 2019 from Daido Drinko. Not only can you enjoy the two kinds of texture, but you can also supply sodium, so it's perfect for heatstroke prevention, so I actually tried drinking and comparing in two ways of drinking.

Jelly and sorbet, heat stroke measures beverage to enjoy with two ways of drinking! Launched 'Pul Shari Wenzhou Mikan Jelly' and 'Pul Shari Pine Jelly'


This is 'Puru Shari Pine Jelly.'

On the side of the bottle, two ways to enjoy it were introduced: how to freeze it into sherbet and how to cool it to jelly.

As a raw material, 'Pine apple juice' is used, and 'salt' for salt supply is included. Also, the internal volume was assumed to be frozen and the contents expanded, or 490 ml, which is slightly smaller than a regular 500 ml PET bottle.

Calories are 40 kcal per 100 ml. The equivalent amount of salt is 0.21g per 100ml, and it can be understood that it can be replenished with water as well as salt and it is suitable for heat stroke measures.

At first, when I drank it in the state of a jelly beverage, I felt the taste like canned syrup of pineapple and the aroma of rich pineapple. Occasionally, jelly jelly comes into the mouth and you can enjoy the smooth texture and soak, so you can enjoy a mouth that is different from just juice. Jellies have some elasticity, but they are not as hard as they need to be bitten, so there was no concern that small children would get stuck in their throats.

Next, let's freeze it in the freezer and taste it as a sorbet.

When I ate a bite, I enjoyed the crispy, ice-like texture and the pine flavor that the editorial staff ate as a child, reminiscent of the rod-shaped ice cream that was eaten in half.

Next, let's look at 'Pul Shari Wenzhou orange jelly'. Although “Plu Shari Pine Jelly” is a new flavor that has appeared this time, “Puru Shari Wenzhou Mikan Jelly” is a renewed version of “Trammi Puru Shari Mikan”

reviewed earlier.

If you look at the column of raw materials, you can see that '

zushi orange juice' is used.

Calories are 40 kcal per 100 ml, the same as 'Pul Shari Pine Jelly'. The equivalent amount of salt was 0.17 g per 100 ml, which is slightly smaller than 'Pul shari pine jelly'.

First of all, when I drink it as a jelly drink, the intense sweetness like orange juice spreads in my mouth with the fresh smell of oranges. The sweetness is felt quite intense, as some saltiness enhances the sweetness.

Next, I tried to freeze it and put it in a glass.

When you eat a spoonful and eat a bite, the sweetness of the tongue is a little bit modest compared to when it is cold or a jelly drink, and it is just sweet. 'Pul Shari Pine Jelly' has a moderate acidity, so it tastes natural even if it is consumed as a jelly drink, whereas 'Pul Shari Wenzhou Mikan Jelly' is overwhelmed by the straight sweetness if it is only cooled Speaking of sorbet, I would recommend eating it.

'Pul Shari Pine Jelly' and 'Pul Shari Wenzhou Mikan Jelly' can be purchased at retail stores nationwide, and the price is 162 yen including tax. Also, at Amazon.co.jp, 24 pieces are sold at 2985 yen (tax-included 124 yen per bottle) including tax in both.

Amazon | Daido Puru Shari Pine Jelly 490ml x 24 bottles | Daidoo | Jelly Beverage Store

Amazon | Daido Pura Shari Wenzhou Mikan Jelly 490ml × 24 bottles | Daidoo | Jelly Drinks Store

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