We have eaten 'Gold Sesame Soba Soba' and 'Gold Sesame Sour Udon' which are excellent in the flavor and consistency of the rich sesame flavor with the well-cooked buckwheat noodles over the throat.

As a new product of Nakajima, ' Gold Sesame Soba Soba ', which is eaten by dipping it in a sauce using 'Gold Sesame' which is considered to be particularly fragrant among sesame, will appear for a limited time from May 9, 2019 (Thu). did. As this new product is a product that can enjoy both the buckwheat flavor and the gold and sesame flavor using the full-fledged '

Funch buckwheat noodles ' with a strong buckwheat flavor and good throat, so it is actually I ate at a bowl.

'Notice' Unexpectedly? Sesame and soba are excellent compatibility !! 【Gold Sesame Soba Soba】 11:00 new release on Thursday, May 9 | Notice | First time in Kyoto and Kyoto style udon no Nakajima

Arrived at a certain point.

If you purchase a meal ticket immediately and give it to a store person ...

A few minutes to wait, ' Gold Sesame Soba Soba ' arrives. The amount can be selected from 'normal' and 'large', with 450 yen including tax and 550 yen including large. Sesame soba served with buckwheat noodles and golden sesame seeds, grated ginger and green onion are put in the sauce as taste.

It seems that it contains abundant iron, minerals, dietary fiber, and '

rutin ' that has anti-inflammatory and blood flow improving effects.

Sesame seeds not only contain antioxidant ' sesamin ', essential fatty acid ' linoleic acid ', etc. but also have the effect of enhancing absorption of rutin contained in buckwheat.

When you try eating soba alone, the flavor of buckwheat is a little stronger than dry noodles, and the texture is a pully texture like konjac noodles.

Soak it in a golden sesame sauce and eat it, and the rich sesame flavor spreads throughout your mouth. In the news release, it was 'use citrus fruits for secret taste', but when you try to eat, you feel quite clearly and not 'hidden' but citrus fruits. The citrus fruits add to the aroma and taste, and the impression is quite refreshing coupled with the coldness of the sauce. By the strength of the sesame and citrus flavor, the buckwheat flavor has fallen behind, but it can taste well over the throat.

Also, at the same time, ' Golden Sesame Udon ' is also being offered, so try to eat here. The amount can be selected from 'normal' (450 yen including tax) and 'large' (550 yen including tax). Udon is a very thick noodle that is filled in with zaru. The flavor of grated ginger and green onion is common to sesame seeds.

When I try to eat it, it's perfect for a little bit of udon noodles. However, because of the size of the noodles, it was the impression that simmered ginseng is more entangled with the noodles.

'Gold Sesame Soba Soba' and 'Gold Sesame Sour Udon' are available from May 9th, 2019 (Thu) to mid-September 2019 for a limited time throughout Japan.

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