We have eaten all 12 kinds of new menu coloring the early summer of Misudo such as 'Tapioca Drink' of 'Mochimochi Purupu' and 'Cold Taro Potato Potage Pasta'

Mister Donut is from April 26, 2019 (gold), cold and 'tapioca drinks' four plus plenty of tapioca of Purupuru mouthfeel to drink, snack menu 'that can be used in various time zones

Misudogohan ' hot of ' We offer five types of Savory Pie and one type of ' Hot Sweet Pie ' and two types of cold potage pasta, supervised by Pietro, a pasta specialty store, as a new menu for spring and summer. Such Mister Donut's new menu has eaten all 12 kinds actually.

Tapioca Drinks | New Products | Mister Donut

Pie spring and summer menu | New product | Mister Donut

Pasta, Dim Sum Spring Menu | New Product | Mister Donut

I came to Mister Donut.

First I ordered four kinds of tapioca drinks. From the left are 'milk tea', 'matcha milk', 'mango orange' and 'strawberry soda'.

It comes with a thick straw so that you can suck the tapioca sunk to the bottom.

Milk tea (including tax 486 yen) is like this.

The drink part is brown milk tea and you can see the black tapioca sinking at the bottom.

When it is a straw, tapioca comes into the mouth and you can enjoy the sticky texture. Black tea tapioca itself is not so sweet, it is a mechanism that makes the taste of black tea stronger by firmly biting tapioca with clean sweet milk tea. It's also chilled with ice, so it's a perfect drink for the early summer when the heat gets hot.

However, if you drink only cold drinks, only tapioca will remain with the ice eventually, so it is necessary to consider the balance between drink and tapioca.

Matcha milk (including tax 486 yen) is a Japanese-style tapioca drink in which matcha milk is used to quench matcha tapioca. You can see the green matcha tapioca sinking to the bottom.

In fact, when you drink Matcha milk, it has a sweet sweet taste derived from milk, but it has a crisp and easy-to-drink taste without any bitterness or bitterness. Tapioca itself also has a taste of matcha, so you can enjoy it as a Japanese-style dessert as well as just matcha milk.

Mango Orange (tax-included 486 yen) looks like yellow tapioca is contained in the yellow drink.

The drink part is Valencia orange juice, and the tapioca has mango flavor. The sourness of orange juice and the soft sweetness of mango tapioca are outstanding, so it was refreshing enough to recover energy at a stretch if it was consumed when it was exhausted in summer.

Strawberry soda (tax-included 486 yen) contains bright red strawberry tapioca in bright red strawberry soda.

Strawberry soda tastes more like strawberry syrup than real strawberries, and although it does not have the sweet and sour taste like real strawberries, it has become a sour alternative to the sour taste of mild carbonic acid. Tapioca had a slightly sweet taste although it had no strawberry-like flavor than expected, and was a tapioca drink that can be tasted with the most dessert feeling among the four types.

Six pies that become the new menu of 'Miss de Gohan' are below.

Chicken creamy gratin with a hexagonal shape (tax-included 226 yen)

When I cut it using a knife and a fork, a chicken came out with a cream sauce.

The puff pastry is crispy anyway, and if you don't eat it carefully, it will spill out. The platter and melt-in-the-mouth gratin and tender chicken do not disturb the texture of light puff pastry at all and the eating response is enough.

'Squared cheese and chicken with tomatoes' (tax-included 226 yen) that has a round frame on the square

Stuffed chicken and vegetables with tomatoes are wrapped in crispy pie dough. The sweetness and sourness of the tomato are strong, and the chicken is also good enough to eat. However, I was honest that I could not feel the flavor of the cheese that contains 4 types, but there was also an impression that 'there may be something close to a pizza bun as a taste'.

'Square with cheese and keema curry' (tax included 226 yen)

Keema curry and cheese are included in the crispy dough. Keema curry, although the smell unique to curry can be felt firmly, cheese's curry's spicy flavor is sometimes mellow, and it is mild enough to be eaten by people who are not good at spicy foods. The umami taste of minced meat and cheese are stronger than the spice flavor, and it has a considerable volume with a flavor and texture that are totally different from general curry bread.

'Hamburg and 4 types of cheese' (tax-included 226 yen) is also a pie with a slit in the square ...

It looks like a dome when it is seen from the side.

If you break it, there is a whole hamburger inside, and four types of cheese fillings are melted below it. The compatibility between the crispy and lightly baked puff pastry and the massive hamburger and simmering cheese is outstanding, and despite the fact that the puff pasty has been known to spill out, it is a finished in a visibly squishy pie It was

'BBQ Frankfurt' (tax-included 216 yen) is a long and thin rectangle.

From the cut into the surface, Frankfurt inside has a look.

The BBQ sauce that goes with Frankfurt is a type of sweetness that resembles a teriyaki sauce and is not spicy. Frankfurt is juicy and has a good response.

'Rings' (tax-included 216 yen) containing cuts in a rectangle is the only hot sweet pie of the six.

Sweet and sour apple filling was wrapped in crispy dough and finished in royal road apple pie.

And the pasta that Mr. Donut provides as a spring and summer new menu is 'Cold potato potato potage pasta' (tax included 680 yen) and 'Cold basil and potato potage pasta' (tax included 680 yen), and both dishes are cold soup It is pasta.

In 'Cold Potato Potage Pasta', a piece of white creamy potage soup was served with pasta served with codtail sauce, and Italian parsley was sprinkled over it.

The pasta is cool and cool, with a soft and crisp texture. The potage soup often involved is based on the potato

vichyssoise, which has an excellent affinity with the saltiness and flavor, which is quite ants.

If you just go for the soup, some fish will be added and it may be slightly salty as a vichyssoise. However, it was a cold and mellow soup with a good and refreshing texture.

Common basil pasta has a vivid green image, but 'cold basil and potato potage pasta' that floats in white soup is a little brownish shade rather than green.

'Cold basil and potato potage pasta' is slightly thicker than 'cold potato and potato potage pasta', and you can enjoy a strong basil flavor and a rich sauce. The combination of chilly cold noodles and vibrant basil, and the combination of potatoes and potage is very rich and easy to eat, perfect for hot summer months.

However, if it is a soup alone, it still feels a little bit salty. Both of the two types of potage pasta were potage soup made from potatoes with a base of sauce, so they had a fair volume but a light appearance.

Four tapioca drinks, five hot savory pies and one hot sweet pie are all Mister donuts, 'Cold potato potage pasta' and 'Cold basil and potato potage pasta' are Mister donut pasta shops , 2019 It is offered for a limited time from April 26th.

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