180,000 honeybees bred on the roof of Notre Dame survived the great fire


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On the evening of April 15, 2019, a major fire occurred at the Notre Dame Cathedral , a World Heritage Site in Paris, France, causing damage to the roof and spire. On the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral, 180,000 French honeybees were reared, but it turned out that they had survived the fire.

Bees of Notre Dame Cathedral: 180,000 bees were living on top of Notre Dame in Paris when the fire broke out-and survived, beekeeper Nicolas Geant says-CBS News

Notre Dame latest: 180,000 bees living in hives in cathedral's roof found alive after inferno | London Evening Standard

The fires that occurred at the Notre Dame Cathedral spread throughout the cathedral, causing serious damage such as burning of steeples and roofs. France's President McGron has stated that 'the Cathedral of Notre Dame will be rebuilt within five years,' and it is reported that at the time of writing the application for donations of more than 800 million euros (approx. 100 billion yen) had already been made .

A photo & movie summary of a large fire that happened at Notre Dame Cathedral-GIGAZINE

Actually, three beehive hives have been installed on the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral since 2013. A project to address the declining bee population in Paris has been carried out, as part of which has been placed a bee hive on the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral, and beekeeper Nicolas Geant has been working with bees since 2013 Have taken care of us.

However, as the Notre Dame Cathedral was hit by a massive fire, Geant believed that the birdhouse might have burned. However, photos taken by Drones from the sky after the fire revealed that the hives on the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral remained in their original condition, and Geant shared the photos on Instagram. You can see that the three nest boxes are placed side by side in the red encircled area of the embedded image below.

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Les photos prizes par différents drones montrent que les 3 ruches sont toujours en place ... et visiblement intacts! Pour ce qui est des occantes, le mystère reste centier. Nous souhai té io s io s io ve ve ve ve ve s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s hai em em vid vid vid vid vid vid vid si si si ??? ??? ❤ #Beeopic # NotreDame # NotreDameDeParis # apiculture # abeilles # ruches # espoir # paris # battantes

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However, at this point I did not know if the bees were alive again. There are many things that threaten the safety of honeybees, such as smoke, heat, and a large amount of water used for fire-fighting activities. Geant seems to want to approach the hives as soon as possible to confirm the survival of the honeybees.

However, just one day after posting the drone photo, the bees gathered near the gargoyle sculpture were confirmed, and it became clear that the bees in the hives were alive. At this time too, Geant immediately posts the photo and has a hashtag '# miracle'.

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Confirmation de la part des Responsibles du site !! Notre-Dame's bees are still alive !! #Beeopic #apiculture #abeilles #ruches #ruches NotreDame # Notredamedeparis # cathedrale #ambroise #saintambroise #stambroise #miracle

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'The carbon dioxide contained in the smoke is what caused the bees to sleep,' Geant said of the reason the bees survived the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. When honey bees detect carbon dioxide, they become a 'survival mode', and are buried in honey to protect the queen bee. Bees do not die from smoke, so it is common for beekeepers to use smoke to calm them.

However, even if the smoke does not die, the high temperature kills the bees, and the beeswax that composes the nest melts at a temperature of about 63 degrees. The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral was so large that Geant immediately felt that this fire would kill the bees, but this time the bees can survive miraculously. About.

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Gabriel Plus, a spokesman for the Paris Fire Department, announced that the cathedral will not collapse any more as firefighting activities are taking place inside the cathedral and there is no fire. 'It's a miracle that the cathedral is safely built,' said Plus.

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