WHO prepares guidelines as 'one hour use of smartphone tablet of child one day', skeptical opinion



The World Health Organization (WHO) has released guidelines that include, 'Infant under 5 years old should not sit and look at a screen such as a tablet for more than an hour a day.' While these guidelines welcome specific guidelines on exercise and sleep times, experts have raised their voices, but also cautious views on whether children should be restricted from accessing digital technology. is spreading.

To grow up healthy, children need to sit less and play more

Under-twos should not have screen time, World Health Organization says | The Independent

According to the guidelines published by the WHO, 'the time for children under 5 years old to sit in a stroller or chair is within one hour a day'. In particular, you should avoid continuing to watch the screen such as TV and games, and it is recommended that parents spend time reading and reading together when the sitting time is long You

In the guidelines, the time for exercise and sleep is also finely determined for each age, for example, for infants younger than 1 year old, let the active play including the ' belly play ' for more than 30 minutes be several days, including nap 12-16 It is necessary to get time to sleep (14 to 17 hours after 4 months of age). The background behind the establishment of this guideline is that there is a report that obesity in children is a global problem, and WHO's director of the hospital, Tedros Adanum, said, 'Improving the physical and mental health and well-being of children and preventing obesity. In order to do that, it is essential to have good quality early childhood sleep, active physical activity, and reduced sedentary time. ”



Although there is no debate about the importance of exercise and sleep, there are also prudent voices about the idea that children should be restricted to exposure to digital technology. Dr. Max Davey of the Royal Children's Health Association of the United Kingdom rates the WHO guidelines as 'useful as a standard for families with children,' while saying that 'time for viewing tablets and other screens should be limited so far There is no scientific basis, 'commented. He indicated that it would be necessary to wait for further research to properly assess the impact of using a tablet on children.

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Also, Professor Andrew Psibirski at Oxford University has kicked off the WHO report, 'It's a late argument.' According to the results of analysis of statistical data on more than 350,000 adolescents, Prof. Psivirski has announced the research results that 'There is little to do with children's well-being and digital technology,' using tablets etc. We are skeptical about the negative effects that it causes.

Studies show that children should not be forced to use smartphones or PCs for limited hours

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