New sports 'Speedgate' which AI created while demonstrating creativity such as 'explode Frisbee' looks like this

AI who learned the rules of 400 sports in the world and 7300 sports twists out various ideas of 'new sports', and people actually play what they can play from among them and investigate The details of the ' Speedgate ' of the new sports created as a result of the & review are revealed. AI was the first in the world to design sports, and the

NVIDIA Tesla GPU was used to learn neural networks, and about 1000 new sports concepts were devised.

This Is Speedgate

Speedgate: World's First Sport Generated by AI-NVIDIA Developer News Center NVIDIA Developer News Center

Artificial intelligence creates a new game from rugby, soccer and Ultimate Frisbee-The Washington Post ? noredirect = on & utm_term = .df9094f6d0d3

See the following movie to see what kind of sport Speedgate was created with.

Speedgate Process on Vimeo

AKQA, a design agency, devised the 'new sport' by data + algorithm + human power. It is the first sport devised by AI.

AKQA's AI system has invented a new sport based on 400 popular sports worldwide. To generate rules and logos, image generation

DCNN from image generation RNN was used.

7300 sports rules and ...

Learn the image of 10,000 sports brands.

Of course, I have not forgotten the power of people.

People's power is not like this ...

The mysterious image that I did it like this.

And thousands of results generated by AI ...

Investigate & check how much you can actually play. Badminton-like sports and ...

Anyway, such as a mysterious sport that rolls a huge ball, he has been playing hard.

Sometimes gymnasium.

Sometimes in the field outdoors.

This is the sport that was born as a result.

People who throw rugby balls.

A unique field with lots of poles.

You can also feel like a port ball.

Great enthusiasm.

This is Speedgate.

Details of Speedgate rules and courts are published on the website.

This Is Speedgate — What is Speedgate?

The coat looks like this long and thin, with three 18-meter diameter circular fields.

The most important feature of Speedgate is that it has three gates. The length of the pole used for the gate is about 1.8m high, and it is made of a springy material so that you can not get hurt if you hit it.

The kicking of the ball takes place from the 'center gate' in the middle. Add points if you can bring the ball to the end gate from here. However, you can not enter the center gate while playing, and it is a foul if you enter the center gate.

The end gate is at both ends of the court.

First of all, one of the first attack teams kicks off the ball against the team team over the center gate.

From this point on, the center gate will be closed.

I will advance while passing the ball, but the ball can only pass below the waist.

So, if you drop the ball to the ground and kick it, you can advance the game quickly & greatly.

Shoot towards the end gate, and if you can go through the gate two points added point.

Just after the shoot, if the ally who was behind the end gate can shoot from the back to the end gate, an additional 3 points are added. It seems that this is called ricochet.

In addition, in the sport devised by AI, too much creativity is exhibited and 'Frisbee explodes' 'The player balances on the line between the aircraft and spreads the ball back and forth' 'Rugby while doing gymnastics' Although there was nothing, it did not come to fruition, but “it was made to rethink the essence of the sport,” said Kathryn Webb, head of AKQA's AI team.

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