It is important to touch your testicles for early detection of 'testicular cancer'



Testicular cancer is a cancer that begins in the testicles (testicles) , which is the reproductive organs of men, and is the most common cancer in men aged 15 to 34 years. ' Nad & Tad ' is a character that imitates the 'left and right testicles' created to detect such testicular cancer at an early stage. It is recommended to 'confirm'.

Nad & Tad

Testicular cancer is a terrifying disease, but if it can be detected early, it can be treated before it becomes serious. However, the scrotum containing the testicles is a place that even men do not usually see, and there is a problem that it is difficult to notice any abnormalities. So Nad & Tad says men should have a habit of touching and checking their testicles and regularly check for any abnormalities.

By touching the testicles, 'changes in the hardness and area of the testicles', which are known as signs of testicular cancer, 'swelling of the testicles and changes in the feel of the touch (the size of the left and right testicles are different, or one of them hangs down). (It is common and there is no problem) ”“ Pain in the lower abdomen or scrotum, testicles ”“ Liquid accumulates in the scrotum ”can be detected early.

Nad & Tad also has an official YouTube channel.

Nad & Tad-YouTube

In the following movie that explains how to check the testicles, we will give a lecture on how to touch and check the testicles in time with a cheerful song.

How to Do a Self Exam

When to check the testicles ...

It seems to be good after taking a warm shower.

When the testicles are warm and relaxed, it is easy to check by touching the testicles.

Since the purpose is to detect testicular cancer at an early stage, it is recommended to check it about once a month.

Of course, it is necessary to check not only one testicle but also the other testicle. Investigate hardness, feel, size changes, etc ...

It is easy to notice something wrong when you turn it lightly with your finger.

The movie recommends that if something goes wrong, you should see a doctor right away. Of course, not all abnormalities are signs of testicular cancer, and they may or may not be signs of a completely different illness.

Also, on the official website of Nad & Tad, it was introduced that since the testicles are rarely seen, taking regular pictures of the testicles to visually check the changes is also useful for early detection of abnormalities. ..

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