I tried eating four new kitchen menus from First Kitchen including 'Raw cream with fresh ham and asparagus' with spanish ham and asparagus with lemon sauce for a limited time.

Two types of pasta menu ' Raw cream with asparagus and lemon cream ' ' Shrimp and avocado genovese ' from April 18, 2019 and two types of burger menu ' Sweet chili shrimp avocado sand ' ' Tartare shrimp avocado sand ' has a first kitchen Has appeared in. Two types of fresh pasta using fresh fresh ingredients in the image of spring, and two types of burger using shrimp and avocado, with the First Kitchen pushing the iron plate combination and taiko drums, are actually perfect for the coming season I went to the first kitchen and ate.

New product 'Spring fresh fresh pasta 2 kinds' appeared!


'Two prawns avocado sand two' new appearance!

Arrive at the first kitchen.

A menu with two kinds of new pasta listed in the shop and ...

A banner was presented to highlight the appearance of two new burger types.

Ordering 'Sweet Chili Shrimp Avocado Sand', 'Tartar Shrimp Avocado Sand', 'Rim Cream of Raw Ham and Asparagus', and 'Shrimp and Avocado Genovese' was all provided in just 5 minutes.

First of all, if you look at 'Gem ham and asparagus lemon cream', you can see that two hams cover the pasta.

Here's how it compares the size of a pasta dish to Google Pixel 3.

Asparagus and pasta with lemon cream sauce are visible under the ham.

When you eat raw ham, the smoky smell and the spicy smell of black pepper spread in the mouth with the richness of the meat and the deep saltiness.

The moment I ate pasta and asparagus with lemon cream, I felt that the refreshing smell of lemon was coming out of my mouth and into my nose. The slightly thick raw pasta has both the texture and smooth texture, and when it is entwined and eaten with lemon cream sauce that used Setouchi lemon, the refreshing sourness and slight sweetness of the sauce You can fully enjoy the Asparagus soft enough to loosen the fibers in the mouth, the flavor of the vegetables overflowed, and the taste of the sweet and sour sauce was enhanced.

Then eat 'Globose and Avocado Genovese'.

Shrimp red and avocado green that are included as ingredients are also vivid in appearance. When I try to eat it, the umami that comes from the shrimp and the avocado are mixed in the mouth for the best match. It was a good match that the First Kitchen only pushed the 'Teppan Combi'.

When you eat pasta with plenty of genovese sauce , the scent of basil spreads throughout your mouth. Oita Prefecture's basil is carefully hand-picked, but the sauce is slightly salty. It was finished in the pasta that can be recommended to those who just want to enjoy the flavor of the material and the smell of basil.

Next, let's look at two new types of burger. The letter 'C' is handwritten on the wrapping paper of 'sweet chili shrimp avocado sand' ...

'T' was written on the wrapping paper of 'Tartaru Shrimp Avocado Sand'.

It looks like this when I open the wrapper. The left is 'sweet chilli shrimp avocado sand' and the right is 'tartar shrimp avocado sand'.

When I open the buns, the ingredients for 'sweet chili shrimp avocado sand' are avocado and cabbage with a mayonnaise-flavored sauce, the original sweet chili sauce, and ebi patty. The ingredients for “Tartaru Shrimp Avocado Sand” were avocado with plenty of tartar sauce, cabbage with sauce, and shrimp prawns.

First of all, when I eat it from 'sweet chili shrimp avocado sand', I feel the spicy taste of pepper on the front, but it is not so much behind, it's spicy like it stimulates the tongue refreshingly.

When the tongue gets used to the hotness, the sweet and sour chili sauce flavor that is only sweet chili helps to enhance the flavor of the shrimp contained in the crispy shrimp cut and feel that it suppresses the tenderness of the seafood. I can. The sweet and spicy taste of chili sauce is so strong that the avocado's presence has faded a bit. In addition, since chili sauce contains chopped raw chili peppers, those who are not good at pain need to be careful.

Then, if you try eating 'Tartare Shrimp Avocado Sand', the taste of Ebiko cut with plenty of sauce and rich in tartar sauce, which is finely cut into pieces so that individual ingredients such as pickles, onions, boiled eggs, etc. can be understood Is felt and matches well. As the claim of tartar sauce was not strong, I could feel the creaminess of shrimp and avocado firmly.

Raw ham and asparagus lemon cream (including tax 740 yen) Shrimp and avocado genovese (including tax 690 yen) Sweet chili shrimp avocado sand (including tax 430 yen) Tartar shrimp avocado sand (including tax 430 yen) is April 18 2019 It is possible to order in the first kitchen of the country from day Also, raw ham and asparagus lemon cream and shrimp and avocado genovese are also served at Wendy's First Kitchen.

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