'GB Studio' is available for developing games for Gameboy without knowing programming for free

Chris Maltby distributes GB Studio, an open software that allows anyone to easily create Game Boy games that celebrated their 30th anniversary on April 21, 2019. GB Studio is available for Windows, macOS and Linux, and the source code is available on GitHub.

GB Studio-Chris Maltby

GB Studio

You can find out what tools GB Studio is by looking at the following movie.

GB Studio-YouTube

GB Studio is software that anyone can easily develop games for Gameboy.

Project screen of the game. You can select field creation, sprite editing, background editing, script, build and run.

The screen for creating a field looks like this. Basically making a game requires specialized skills such as programming, but GB Studio is as intuitive as anyone in the

RPG RPG series can easily make a game.

Operation and effects in the game is OK just by selecting the command.

Of course, if you output to ROM file for Gameboy, you can use your emulator to play your own game.

Also, the completed game can be built as a HTML5 web application. Play games from a PC browser or ...

You can also access the game from your smartphone browser. In the case of a smartphone, the Game Boy button is displayed at the bottom of the browser, so it seems that you can touch and play as it is.

GB Studio was developed for Maltby to develop his own game 'Untitled GB Game' for the game production event ' Bored Pixels Jam 3 ' held in January 2019. Packaged with various Gameboy development tools such as Gameboy Developers Kit (GBDK) , which can develop Gameboy games in C, GBDK.js developed by Maltby, and GBTPlayer , a music production software for Gameboy. If you have GB Studio, you can create Gameboy games.

In addition, the ROM image of 'Untitled GB Game' is published free of charge on the following page.

Untitled GB Game-Chris Maltby

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