The most dangerous password used by more than 23 million hacked victims is '123456'


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The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) in the United Kingdom conducted a large-scale survey of Internet security and published the results ahead of the Internet security related event ' CYBERUK 2019 ' to be held in Scotland. According to it, it turned out that approximately 23.2 million people used '123456' for the password among the people who had been hacked in the world. Other names such as soccer players and fictional characters were also used.

Most hacked passwords revealed as UK cyber survey exposures gaps in online security

According to a questionnaire survey conducted by British, about 15% of the respondents answered that they 'protected themselves from harmful activities.' In addition, 89% of people in the whole have shopped using the Internet, and 39% of them shop on the Internet every week. The NCSC predicts that 42% of all Brits will be scammed and stolen money by 2021.

Also, while 61% of Internet users check social media daily, 21% say they have never seen social media. In addition, it turned out that one in three people relies on friends and family instead of doing Internet security measures themselves. However, young people tended to pay attention to what information they share on the Internet.

In addition, NCSC publishes analysis results of passwords used by accounts accessed by third parties. This is based on an analysis survey based on a list of compromised and leaked accounts and passwords registered in ' Have I been pwned? ' Published by international web security expert Troy Hunt. It was done.

Among the accounts that suffered, the password that was most frequently used by Dantoz was '123456' which was used by 23.2 million people, and then '123456789' which was used by 7. 7 million people. Other names such as 'ashley' 'michael' 'daniel', 'liverpool' 'chelsea' 'arsenal' football team names, 'superman' 'naruto' 'pokemon' movie and animation titles and characters It seems that many people gave names.

Dr. Ian Levy, technical director of the NCSC, “I understand that Internet security will feel bothersome to many people, but reusing passwords is a big risk that can be avoided. Do not protect confidential data with a password that can be guessed by anyone such as a team, favorite band name, etc. ”warns,“ A random combination of three memorable words is powerful. It will be a password. '

'The results of this survey highlight the importance of using strong passwords at home and work, given the growing global threat from cyber attacks,' said David Lidington, cabinet secretary of the United Kingdom. I said. '

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