Map that shows popular countries for millionaires at a glance

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Visual Capitalist publishes an infographic that shows at a glance which countries are the most popular destinations for wealthy people to migrate from the outflows and inflows of wealthier countries around the world.

Infographic: Mapping the Global Migration of Millionaires

Global Wealth Migration Review 2019-AfrAsia Bank Mauritius

The following image is a map that shows a popular country as a destination for wealthy people . Here, the wealthy people are defined as those whose assets exceed one million dollars (about 111.9 million yen), and the country to which the green arrow points is the country where the wealthy people are flowing, red The countries where the arrows are out are the countries where the wealthy are draining, and the numbers beside the arrows represent the number of rich people who are in and out.

Australia is the most popular destination for the wealthy. About 12,000 wealthy people migrate to Australia in a year. According to the analysis of the South African financial institution AfrAsia Bank Limited which made the data, low population density and good security and good access to economic bases in East Asia such as China, Japan and Korea are listed as Australia's popular secrets It is done. In addition, it is also said that it is the country with the highest minimum wage in the world, and it is also attractive that there are no low-income workers.

The second and third places are the United States and Canada located in North America, with about 10,000 and about 4,000 wealthy people inflow respectively. It is the United States of a large economic power, which is undisputed. However, compared with Australia, it is inferior to Australia due to the low security of the downtown area and it is not suitable for child rearing and the high medical expenses. In addition, there is an inheritance tax in the United States, but it is also a point that there is no inheritance tax in Australia.

Next, let's look at the number 3 of the wealthy people's outflows. The richest people in the world are drained from China, with about 15,000 people migrating to foreign countries annually. However, 15,000 people are only about 2% of the wealthy people living in China, and much more people are newly added to the wealthy groups each year than they are drained. The worst 2 Russia and the worst 3 India have 7,000 and 5,000 rich, respectively.

It is worth noting that the wealthy are fleeing from Turkey at a tremendous pace. The ranking is in the worst 4th place, but more than 4,000 wealthy people migrate abroad each year, which is 10% of the wealthy people in the whole of Turkey. In addition, about 3,000 wealthy people are drained each year from the United Kingdom, which is swaying from leaving the EU , and France, where protesters in yellow vests have been mobbed and an economic and social emergency declaration has been issued. .

In addition, AfrAsia Bank Limited's report also includes the 'Equal Country Ranking' based on 'the percentage of wealth held by wealthier relative to assets across the country', with Japan ranked first. According to the analysis of AfrAia Bank Limited, Japan has a very large number of 'middle-class' while it has a very small number of 'super-rich'. Specifically, it has 1 billion assets, compared with the 35 million people in the middle class whose assets are under $ 100,000 or less and less than $ 1 million (approximately 111.9 million). There are only 34 people in the ' Billionaire ' that exceeds the dollar (about 112 billion yen), and it is clear that the gap between rich and poor is overwhelmingly small compared to the United States and China.

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